I'm wondering what the English equivalent for the German "Aktionismus" is.

In German this is a usually pejorative term to describe activities somebody (often people in a position of power but accountable to the public, more rarely subordinates under pressure from above) undertakes to be visibly seen as "doing something" to address a problem, but the actions are not well thought out, unlikely to really solve or improve the situation, but are (at least from the perspective of the speaker making the charge of something being "Aktionismus") done wholly or partly to provide cover against the accusation of inactivity or indifference.

Like when you hastily implement "security theater" measures against a real security threat, because you can't think of any actual solution to improve security for real, but not doing anything and admitting to having no solution would be politically very costly. Opponents then might accuse you of "Aktionismus".

So "Aktionismus" is a general term for hasty, thoughtless responses of this type, used by opponents of the actions. It is often coupled with "blind" as in "blinder Aktionismus" to emphasize the lack of plan or vision to arrive at a real solution.

It is similar to the accusation that something is merely a "symbolic action" but that implies more a deliberate gesture lacking concrete results, whereas "Aktionismus" is more of a harmful flailing around.

"Aktionismus" has also some sort of specialized meaning for some performance art movement from Vienna, and apparently the word "actionism" exists in English in the translation for that Austrian art, but it doesn't seem to be used in the colloquial sense. But clearly this is a common phenomenon (and accusation) in politics, so there ought to be an English term.
It's the season finale, everyone! And ratings have been hit or miss. No worries, we know how to make sure you'll keep watching next year.

Let's roll it out!

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([personal profile] petra Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:40 am)
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I don't know that I've ever bought new furniture before current state-of-residence. Certainly not that I intended to keep long-term; last year's daybed purchase was intended to be a stopgap until a decent futon frame could be acquired.

Well, I now have a futon frame, and a laptop table, and three bookshelves, which were bought new. (Coffee table, card table & chairs, altar shelving, and small corner shelf were all street-corner, donated from friends, or yard sale finds. I do remain myself, after all.) I'm actually *intending* to _unpack_, to have my books and shelf-decorations out and about. I'm reorganizing the initial layout to get everything set up.

I may host *guests*. This is distinctly odd.
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I am so fucking sick of being depressed and in pain and feeling hopeless.
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Wonder Woman has finally opened here this week so now I have watched it. It's actually the first of the recent DC films I bothered to watch.

It was a lot of fun! Though I very much wanted to throat-punch the guys sitting two seats to my right who would not stop talking. WTF. Since they did not sit directly next to me I couldn't even shush them. What kind of obnoxious person does that in a cinema?

Also the slow motion fight scene inserts got on my nerves very quickly. I suppose it does allow to see dramatic fight poses clearly or something, like you would in a comic panel, but the effect did not work for me.
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Since some of you are in a re-reading mood, I thought I'd link to a few friends' re-reads. I won't include ones I think I've already posted.

[personal profile] lindalupos 

Prisoner of Azkaban:   With werewolf feels. 

Goblet of Fire: With discussion about the Three Year Summer.

Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Apparently the new version of FB doesn't have Harry and Ron's doodles anymore! :(

[livejournal.com profile] shiiki 

PS/SS Chapter 7: Sorting Hogwarts out. 

PS/SS Chapters 8 & 9:
Neville is love and Snape is a douche. 

[personal profile] glitter_n_gore 

Meta: Is Remus bisexual?




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