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Just letting everyone know, I am trying to cross post between Dreamwidth and Livejournal as much as I can, but if you only want to follow one, I'm still making posts to Livejournal that don't always make it here.

And now eye candy:
Toro Raymond on the Cover to Invaders .. 19 I think. Not sure, but it doesn't matter.

Said it before, say it again, the boy needs a bigger fandom!
Hello Dreamwidth, here have lots and lots of Toro.
Toro makes everything better :)

Larger )
Title Come Together, Come Apart
Rating PG
Characters Bucky/Toro
Notes This was done based on a writing meme I saw going around. Put your music playing device on random (or in my case I used one of my Pandora channels) and write ficlets for the songs as they come up. You've got the length of the song to write the fic in. Then post. Disclaimer here, I'm cheating. Trust me you guys WANT me to cheat. As anyone who as ever RPed with me, you do NOT want to read my raw writing. It's a typo-extravaganza. So I did what it said, but then edited them. I also a re-arranged the song order for better flow. In case anyone wanted to know, the original order was: White Rabbit, Kathy's Song, Time of the Season, Somebody to Love, Painted Black, Sound of Silence. And yes, Pandora clearly wants Bucky/Toro angst >.>
Summery: Moments in Bucky and Toro's lives that either brought them together or pulled them apart, or maybe as little of both.

Bucky stood away several feet away from where Toro sat like a statue on the ground  )

This was fun to write because I got to explor the idea I have that they are a rather enthusiastic (id desperate) couple during WWII, and then very awkward in modern day owing to how little they find they have in common outside of the setting of war.
Ok so over on Tumblr there was a post about the Invaders . Obviously I don't agree with everything (as y'all know I'm not a huge comics!Bucky/Steve shipper, though I can totally get why people ship 'em), but it was great to see something about the Invaders! :)

What I ended up responding to though, was the last bit about Toro/Anne because well I don't get to talk about one of my fave ships often and it was fun to defend and talk about :) I don't mean to convince anyone,so if you don't agree it's all good. I just wanted tolet the shipper feels out LOL

Of course Anne moved on: )

And that is so TLDR LOL. you see what happens when I get to talk about my ships XD
God forbid anyone give me reason to "defend" Bucky/Toro lol I'd be up all night.

This post btw, is brought to you by the MRSA infection in my face :(
severs pain is the reason I can't sleep and was up painting Jim/Namor, and then was online waiting for paint to try, and then saw the post on tumblr, and then inflicted my shipper feels on everyone. XD
Title Just To Be There
Rating G
Characters Primary: Bucky/Natasha, Secondary: Toro/Anne & their baby
Word Count 1470
Notes Takes place after Bucky's "funeral" but before the start of Winter Soldier and it is free of spoilers.
Also, this fic assumes Anne uses the Horton cells to reverse her aging (like Spitfire did). One day I will write that fic so I can just link to it. But anyway, that's my hand-wavey, Marvel, crack-science explanation for why she's young enough to have a baby again. And finally [profile] tacoma_trauma part of this is for you, and I think you'll know which part ;)

Summery Letting everyone things he's dead means Bucky misses out on some pretty big changes in his the lives of his friends. So he puts his skills to use to at least do what he can.

Bucky slumped down in his seat as he watched Toro jump about the stag )
Title Pay Back
Rating G
Characters Bucky and Toro
Ships It's gen, but I mean it could be shippy up to you
Word Count 1,744
Notes This is based on something my dad did to me. Thanks dad.

Summery Bucky isn't feeling well and Toro could be a good, supportive friend, or he could pay Bucky back a bit for all the pranks pulled over the years. Hard choice, right?

Bucky wasn't pale because he'd been spending too much time covered nearly head to toe in a costume but because a simple virus had done what so many super villains had failed to do, laid Captain America low )
Fanfic and Fanart from the kinkier side :)

Title For Him and Her
Rating PG
Characters Ann/Toro
Word Count comment_Fic
Kinks Female dominant, honor bondage
Summery Toro will do anything for Ann's cookies

She smiled as she entered the room and found Tom right where she'd left him. )

Title Break from Ourselves
Rating (fic and art) PG
Characters Bucky/Toro
Kinks Pup-play
Summery Bucky works out how to help Toro unwind.

Drawing Toro closer against him so he could administer soothing belly rubs . . . )

And random fanart from a total AU scenerio
Title Don't Care
Rating PG
Characters Implied Toro/Ann/Bucky
Warnings Pup-play

Read more... )

I think I've got other things but more later.
Also, I love Toro/Ann... I need to write more.= I like the idea that he tried to live a civilian life and that this woman married him even amidst all the mutant hysteria, knowing who and what he was. heck the entire 50's and 60's I think make for good fic ideas.

....and freaking gosh darn on Marvel for writing her off in the DUMBEST way ever (Hey Toro, you were married" "Yes but I don't think I'll go see her....the wimmin-folk get in the way of adventuring" (no he didn't say that but I 100% think that's what the Marvel editors think). Though given she and Jim hooked up in the 90's I can see where it would be an awkward reunion. Though given Spitfire, Cap, Namor, and the entire West Coast Avengers know Ann hooked up with Jim I assume someone will slip up around Toro- I need to get the actual comic to see if she and Jim married, so site's just say lived together, some refer to her as Ann Hammond later on and I can't tell if that's canon or a refusal to think a man and woman would live together outside of marriage.

Anyway, lots of babbling gotta go to work!
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Toro giving Bucky a reason to get home safely.

I don't usually write Bucky/Toro at the "lets exchange photos" level of relationship, esp in WW2, esp given the ramifications of Bucky carrying around a pin up photo of another boy, but the idea amused me too much not to draw, reality and my personal canon be damned.

Bucky, get your ass back soon )
Re-post of something I put on marvel_slash a bit ago

Title Dormant
Rating G,
Fandom/Characters Bucky and Toro in the Modern age, references Bucky/Toro
Warnings None
Summery Bucky and Toro feel their way around each other now that they are both alive in the 21st century.
Aurthur's Notes Marvel listed one of Toro's abilities as being "able to raise the ambient temperature of the air" I took some creative license with that when thinking of grown up ways he could use his powers.

Unable to watch his stubborn ass of a friend freeze any longer, Toro concentrated on warming the air around Bucky )
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( Aug. 1st, 2010 01:27 pm)
originally drawn 3/30/2010

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( Aug. 1st, 2010 01:17 pm)
Originally Painted: 1/20 and 1/23 2010

Title Adjust
Rating G
Character Toro
Notes wanted to draw a companion Toro, really umm not much. I am very surprised the cool color scheme worked so well. I kinda think of this as the companion to he Bucky pick I did and I didn't want them both to be warm. Wasn't sure cool would work for Toro, but it did.

Toro )

Title Torn
Character Bucky Barnes
Rating G
Notes A quick watercolor sketch of Bucky done during my work breaks. I enjoyed painting this and think it came out rather well for what it is.

Read more... )


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