Happy mid-way throught the week everyone. Have a random mermaid sketch :D
(also just FYI, I am open for commission again, the above would be 10.00)
I used to think my art style had NO CHANCE as a major comic style. I'd heard the put downs before. Too cute, too girly, not main stream etc etc etc

Well . . . Skotti Young is doing phenomenally for Marvel and maybe . . . maybe I should get a portfolio together . . . .

Things to ponder.

I've just always felt like I didn't want the small and cute to be seen as ALL I could do, but I don't know why I should literally sit on something I'm good at just because I'm worried it will box me in. I can always unbox myself later.

Granted he's a male, so I'm sure his style has more artistic merit than a woman's style, amirite?

Cute (but badly scnaned) sketched
scanned is being nice. These were scanned on a text only scanner, sent to myself as a PDF, then I took a screenshot of that and edited it in paint. All because I forgot my phone!!

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( Sep. 30th, 2010 07:25 am)
And two more pen sketches from the story I am working on with Mint Riddell

Larger Under Here )
errmmmm I like doodeling these things and thought I'd make a post out of 'em


First fey from the Fireflies story I am co-writing with Mint Riddell">
11 Images: warning for an artistic nude )

And Now Random Fairies, Imps and Goblins I've drawn over the years
These range from 2004-2009
17 images, and again an artistic nude warning )
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( Aug. 14th, 2010 06:02 am)
Some more doodled art from the Giant Project I'm working on with mintriddell.

It's been a lot of fun and I'm very very ery excited about how this is all coming together. Anyway, I have one finished interior image, a doodle, and the sketches for a short sidestory comic.

The Children were Unfriendly + a doodle )

And now, the Comic
(By the way, I submitted this to artbeta, so if anyone wants to make crits on this knock yoursel fout. I've NOOOOO idea what I'm doing!)

The Comic )


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