A while back I made a harry Potter coloring book and ever since then, I've wanted to do an original one (and see if maybe my local comic place might put it on the shelf XD).

So now I'm going for it!
Here is a preview of some of the art that will go into the coloring book I will be making to sell. :)

6 pieces are from the Harry Potter coloring book I did but were original enough to be used for this, 3 are totally new for this, and the last 5 are re-drawings of older pieces for this book, which was fun to see how my style changed.

And now, feedback wanted as I brainstorm Projects
that said as I work on creating a coloring book i also found that I want to to do a fadomy one too.

I am debating between doing a only Steve/Bucky coloring book, a Bucky coloring book (so lots of just Bucky and various Bucky ships), or just a general fandom coloring book (Marvel, DC, SPN whatever I wanted to put in it). All would be PG-13 rated and I’d make it free to download because I don’t need to be sued by Marvel or anyone else XD

Would there be interest? And if so what is the preference? Steve/Bucky, more Bucky and Bucky ships, or general fandom things.
The last of the Holiday Countdown art :
But never fear! More art will be comking up in a bit. I've got a Christmas Day sketch to post, the master post of all the card-art I sent out, some fest art (when I can post) and then because I'm crazy I'm doing art for The Twelve Days of Fandom. Maybe....

Days 18-25 )

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a bright New Year ahead.

btw: we had a white Christmas

I KNOW!!!!
ani_bester: (Default)
( Jan. 3rd, 2012 06:15 pm)

Ok, so I know I posted this as part of the art round up, but I wanted to give this one its own post. I very much like this one. I very much need to do more art like this.


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