Here re the spot illustrations for the next Fireflies Short Story (to be posted soon!). Apologies for getting behind on that! Virus’s attacked, and work, and paying commissions -which need to go first ^^

Hopefully this peeks interest in the upcoming short story :)

Large versions )

Verryyyy proud of these. And hopefully they do the short story justice of the short story does them justice not sure which.

on another note, remember how I've said Wendy Pini was an early influence. Yeahhhhhh………
We have our first short story up, the website is about to go live (my text anti-alias setting was all off so it needs to be fixed before I take it public)

But for right now our twitter and tumblr are up, they have new content and WE ARE SO EXCITED!!

Tumblr: (with new fic)

The Short Story: Dazzler and The Music Box )
And once again, for those who do not follow My tumblr here's the roundup of Holiday artwork done this week :)

Days 10-16 )
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( Sep. 25th, 2010 11:39 am)
I am busily working on an illustrated fantasy story with fellow artist Mint Riddell (yes two artists are writing RUN AWAY) which we both readily admit started as a Marvel AU and has expanded beyond that. Anyway, this is the 404 image.

The pensil were by Mint Riddell and the inking and coloring is by me

Cthulu makes everything better
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( Aug. 14th, 2010 06:04 am)
Strawberry and Cream twinkies are made of pure evil.
I don't think I've ever tasted anything so freaking awful in my life. BLERGHHH

Now onto the art:
It's more art for the crazy story of doom that [profile] mintriddell and I are writing.

Larger Image )
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( Aug. 14th, 2010 06:03 am)
LOOK! States!

The Sates are from left to right
Texas, Alabama, California, Utah, New Jersey, Alaska, Main, Hawaii, Florida, New York, and Washington.
These are the states I'm so far okay with their looks.
And I have to say this:
OMG I LOVE TEXAS!!!!!!!He's ridiculously fun to draw!

Sooooo only 39 more to go 0.o
Plus Uncle Sam.

The hard part though, is states like Louisiana or Michigan that have very different sections of the state. So I'm opting for a sorta split personality approach. I'm also giving weight to the state capitals and the feel of those sorta.

The other thing is making sure my state traits don't get mixed in a bad way. Like for example:
I wanted Florida to be one of the states that looks more Hispanic, because per state statistics, it does have a large Hispanic population. But I also want Florida to be one of the major states supplying drugs to other states because again per statistic, it is a major point of entry for a lot of drug trafficking. So two unrelated yet true traits that combine into a uncomfortable stereotype.

Illinois has some similar issues if I make it African American, and I flat out gave up Mississippi being African America, despite population statistic (in case anyone wonders what I'm basing Avatar ethnicity on, I'm using census information).

So things to think about and try and make sure get balanced out. But it's s really fun sorting through all this and doing all this crazy State research :)

And I've already done one comic..... which may need to be redone, because my husband didn't get it.
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( Aug. 14th, 2010 06:02 am)
Some more doodled art from the Giant Project I'm working on with mintriddell.

It's been a lot of fun and I'm very very ery excited about how this is all coming together. Anyway, I have one finished interior image, a doodle, and the sketches for a short sidestory comic.

The Children were Unfriendly + a doodle )

And now, the Comic
(By the way, I submitted this to artbeta, so if anyone wants to make crits on this knock yoursel fout. I've NOOOOO idea what I'm doing!)

The Comic )


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