I enjoyed the movie.
I’m not going to say it’s the best movie I’ve seen I theaters this year (thus far Mama is my favorite), but it was worth the ticket price. Granted I am also based. The after credits seen had me so excited that I think this movie could have been Wolverine reading a phone book and I’d still say it was good based on the after credits part.

But also there was Yukio. Guys. YUKIO
She is just freaking fantastic. I don’t even have words. Funny thing is, I never much thought anything of her in the comics, but she stole the movie for me. Stole it right out from under Wolverine with her awesome :D

I’ve seen some people quibble about how Japan was shown and that it hinged on a lot of Western stereotypes, but to me, things that were criticized-like the Yakuza- matched what I see in anime and Japanese films so IDK (not that those aren’t stereotypes, but just they are not Western ones. It’s Japanese people writing about themselves, and this movie seemed to base their portrayals on that). I’m not Japanese so I can’t really say , but it wasn’t something I’d have been embarrassed to watch with someone from Japan. Maybe I should be, but it just seemed to respect the other culture and not just use them for set dressing or something.

I did though have ONE BIG ISSUE
The Well, during the Atomic Bombing.

Just no

Look I can go through the science of why that wouldn't work. It's the same science as to why in ID4 hiding in a broom closet while a fiery explosion rockets down an LA tunnle woudln 't work. Oxygen superheating, etc etc et

The difference is aliens never bombed LA and no one ever tired to hid from a fiery explosion in a broom closet in a tunnel.

We did bomb Nagasaki, and people DID try to survive by jumping into wells. The wells were clogged with their bodies-and that's really as much as I care to to think about some of what I read.

I don't know, there are a million other way Wolverine could have save Yashida's live. So I just IDK. I seems a very touchy, and painful thing to have in the movie when there are other scenarios that would have worked. And to have the way Wolverine saved him be something people tried to do and not work . . . it didn't set well for me.

Also, wow. Atomic Bombs for an early August release 0.o
And yet Marvel was worried about having Nazi's in the Cap movie. I guess Fox isn't as sensitive or something (Though I guess that explains why in Japan this movie is delayed until September).

Also, randomly, I teared up when Yashida offered his sword.
For those of you new (is anyone new?) My grandfather saved the life of a Japanese soldier during WWII and was later presented with a family sword (which my cousin has in a bank vault and I’m wanting to loan to the Nimitz Pacific Theater Museum in Fredricksburg). Anyway that scene sorta hit me harder than I woulda though.
I re-watched two old, but fun movie this weekend, if you can't guess which from the title, yes yes, it was indeed Star Trek the Next Generation: First Contact and Interview with a Vampire.

Star Trek: FC is a really good movie except for one thing that bothered my when I first saw it in 1996 and still bothers me today

Note following rant is 100% my opinion )

Interview with the Vampire is great campy fun. Also I watch it and feel like if Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were forced to live together for hundreds of years, that's exactly how things would go XD Maybe minus eating people, but you know.

Also if you watch and think of it as Cruise trying to seduce Pitt to scientology it's hysterical.

Also, Antonio Banderas is still a good actor but a horrible Armand and Kristin Dunst is still amazing in this.
I loved this movie.

First I my headcanon is that these two started the western concept of Hunters. I fully think that the hunters we see and know and love in Supernatural started with these two :)
You can't take that away from me.

Anyway, it is not a good movie in the normal sense. It's not the best written movie, and the plot is straight forward and not overly deep or complex

But it is a FUN movie. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh, and not at it, with it. Renner has some great moments being drunk and grump and awkward as heck with sex. Arterton was bad ass and a great strong female lead. She took control of the role and was so enjoyable to watch! The witches were scary and good villains, and the effects/make up were damn good on them.

There were actually IMHO not that many horrible sexist moment. I didn't feel male gaze all that bad in this. However, There was one moment )

Also, it is VIOLENT. more detail )

Anyway, right over all I love this movie. It was fun. It was Cheesy. It was a great popcorn flick in a good way.

Also just random cuteness. As we were going on there was a little boy, maybe about three. As his mom bought movie tickets, he went over to the Hansel and Gretel and poster, pointed up to Jeremy Renner and started chanting "I like you, I like you, I like you" as he jumped up and tried to touch the posters face. It was so cute.
I finally saw Batman Dark Knight Rises and I was not impressed.

(Granted my bias here is that Nolan has prided himself a little too much on the Grim Dark side of things for my taste. I still like a lot of Pre-Crises Batman where he was you know, sorta Grim but not borderline abusive to his Robin's and mostly still a functional human being. This didn't always jive with the movie. I realize it's a little unfair has it does jive with modern DC, but then I'm not sure I jive with modern DC ^^;;)

Anyway, Bane pretty much killed that movie for me. There is something about Bane with a posh Scottish accent that made me unable to take him seriously. Like I'm talking Batman and Robin levels of WTF every time Bane spoke. I was giggling into my dinner - much to the annoyance of my husband. Also, I found Emo Bruce, who took 8 years off to cry into his cereal and let his fortune go to pieces and let little orphan children get screwed to be, about as believable as Emo Peter Parker breaking into a dance routine.

When Bruce gets emo he just Batman’s even harder. He doesn’t take breaks -_-

And seriously are we that afraid of Robin that we have to have some who is CLEARLY a Robin the whole freaking movie but we have to not use any of the 5 Robin names? Seriously?

The movie did redeem itself by the Talia surprise. I spent a large amount WTFING over Bane’s supposed father, so I was glad about that surprise.

But overall I was just meh on it.

So My Superhero movies this here were:
Avengers: adflhfjklhsadjkfhsadklfhh AWESOME LEVELS OF AWESOME PLEASE MORE

Spider-Men: sdkfhasfjk WTF Did you do to the Lizard! he's supposed to be an INTERESTING villain, also why is Peter Parker now a hipster? Good movie but bad IMHO Spider-Man movie.

Batman: ...... In all honestly, I'd rather have sat through Batman and Robin again. At least it's meant to be campy. I'm sure lots of fanboys will now tell me how stupid I am but pretty much I don't feel that movie was as deep as they want it to be :/

I think that's all I saw.
The other movies IIRC were Prometheus (interesting but fails at some crucial levels for me), Cabin in the Wood (Best Popcorn movie this side of Avengers), and Rise of The Guardians (I want this now OMG My fave movie of the year!!).

Well, this isn't counting the BAJILLION I watched on netflix ^^;;
ani_bester: (Toro Flaming)
( Feb. 4th, 2011 12:34 pm)
For those of you who have not seen, mizzelle (on tumblr) posted the Captain America movie poster:

larger under here )

I adore the look of Cap here. I think this photo really sells the uniform update. It looks, at first glance pretty much like the old, but you can then see where they worked to make it a more viable option to where into combat. Cap not being Superman, I think it is fitting that his outfit have this look because he needs the protection despite the serum.
I also like that his unmasked. First, Chris Evans is good eye candy, ain't gonna lie. Second though, I think it makes him ore relatable, and for a movie poster that's good. They're showing the man not the hero and I am hoping that speak to the direction of the movie.

The background I'm iffy on.
I think something red/orangish might have worked better, something that reflected flames for bombins or some such I don't know.

Part of my problem is personal though. The way this look, with the black grime against the white, I am reminded of the ashes falling in the snow from that scene in Schindler's list. I'm betting that's my own bias though and they are not trying to show human ashes here. Hope not anyway, because of they are gonna replace Nazi's with Hydra, I feel they shouldn't invoke the holocaust on the movie poster ^^


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