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Leave a Fandom in the Comments and I'll tell you
•Favourite Female:
•Favourite Male:
•3 Other Favourite Characters:
•3 OTPs:
•Funniest character:
•Prettiest character:
•Most Annoying Character:
•Most badass character:
•Character I’d like as my BFF:
•Female Character I’d Marry:
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•Character I hate/dislike/least like

And now some nostalgia.
I painted both of these Narnia pictures back in 2005 - one for fun and one as a commission (still fun though)

Edmund and Peter "You Beast"

Jadis: The White Witch

Larger versions )
"I currently have 60 works archived at the AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 60* (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it."

* I'm still trying to get stuff up :(
You know the kicker? This is a SMATTERING of the art I did this year. This doesn't include half of the bookmarks I've drawn, and only one of the over 50 portraits I've done.

Plus I think I lost a few things here and there. 0.o

Original Art: 33 )

Bookmarks and Stickers: 38 )

Comic Book Fanart: 73 )

Books, Movies, and TV Series Fanart: 41 )
Fanfiction Round Up
Wow, ok so this year went by fast. I had so many fics I wanted to write and didn't even get through half of them. Much more Bucky/Toro, Toro/Anne, and Torch&Toro fics that I had in mind and they just never got written. Not much did; I was light on fics this year, but here's what I did get up :)

Super Dads and Baby Sarah Universe (Bucky/Steve & Adopted Daughter)
Going Home
After finishing up a mission and reporting to Nick Fury, Steve is finally free to go home and enjoy some time with his husband Bucky and young daughter, Sarah.
Lazy Afternoon
Steve and Bucky spend some down time with their daughter Sarah.
Simple Things
Slice of Life fic in which Steve has thrown a Halloween party and is enjoying the time with friends and family

A Change In Venue
The biggest shock and the most pleasant surprise of Bucky's post-Winter Soldier life is discovering that there were other men who liked to wear dresses
Giving Beyond Your Means
Steve's up to something. Bucky aims to stop whatever it is.

Torch and Toro Family Fics
First Time for Everything
It's the first time Jim realizes some of the problems that can come with living with a teenager and the first time Toro calls him pappy.
Natasha listens to Jim's messages while he is "indisposed" and learns of something that needs to be dealt with if Clint wants to keep a lid on everything that happened, especially to Jim.
Inside Looking Out
Jim isn't too keen on the use of Androids in the Alien franchise
To Mr. Scott Summers and Whomever Else it May Concern
Toro is fed up with the X-men and their attempt to have all mutants in their school
Cruel War
Jim never gave a second thought about Toro being his partner when they fought gangsters and hoodlums, but now as a battleship takes them closer to the Pacific Front, Jim begins to have his doubts.

Bucky/Toro Fics
Come Together, Come Apart
Moments in Bucky and Toro's lives that either brought them together or pulled them apart, or maybe as little of both.
Just To Be There
Letting everyone things he's dead means Bucky misses out on some pretty big changes in his the lives of his friends. So he puts his skills to use to at least do what he can.

Once Upon a Time
Just That
Jefferson has been trapped in his house, making hats and trying to get back to Grace for the last 18 years without anything significant changing. Then Regina shows up with a surprise and later a gift.
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( Jan. 17th, 2012 01:38 pm)
Leave a fandom in the comments and I'll tell you

- favorite male character
- favorite female character
- least favorite character
- prettiest character
- funniets character
- favorite romantic relationship
- favrotie family relationship
- favorite friendship
- worst ship

depending on the time I have I may or may not explain why XD
I hope everyone had an great time as we shifted into the New Year (at least according to the calenders around these parts). I just wanted to say it's be an amazing now 10 years on LJ (HOLY COW!!!!) and I'm so glad to have met so many wonderful, talented, amazing people. My life would be very different without you all, and I think not as good. So thank you and may 2012 be filled with wonders and goodness for you all!

And now, I'm gonna celebrate the first post of 2012 with my all time favorite New Year (or otherwise)Meme! YAY!

The End of Year Art Meme: (warning, image heavy)

Favorite drawing this year (of my own) )

My best drawing this year: )

Most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: )

Most Fun to Draw )

sexiest drawing: )

holy crap, that's wrong, even for you )

Drawing that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: )

Hardest drawing to do: )

Art I'm Most Proud of )

Art I'm Most Disappointed With )

Biggest Artistic Surprise )

Most telling drawing: )

A Picture I want remembered )

Welp, one more day left of 2009. I'm trying to get me mass art and fic year end review post together. Still trying tot rack a few pics and fics down.

But in the meantime, I finished this meme, which I've been doing for a few years now and is my fave meme ever (So I hope many of you all do it).

For the first year ever, I actually included fics as well, which was interesting. I have noted that my fics tend to be darker than my art ^^

AND NOW!!! My all time favorite Meme! YAY!
The End of Year Art (and now Fic) Meme: (warning, image heavy) )
ART of 2008

Here I've collected all the art I scanned and put up in 2008.
Looking at it, I think the major thing that stands out is, I did as much original art as I did for any other fandom. Granted fanart still FAR outweighs original as a whole, but in subcategories, the original art holds its own.

My fanart has also diversified greatly. I think this,along with the large amount of original art (and finished!) reflects growing confidence in my own art style. I really think I pushed by artistic boundaries this year and did more growing as an artist than I've done in a while. Yay!

2008 is also the year of the Chibi-Comics. I think I've found a new love *L* You an expect to see more of these in 2009, for sure *L*

125 Works of art from about 14 fandoms + Original works )

Fanfics of 2008

2008 also brings a whole new category.
Between BSG and Avengers I've written fanfics this year. A lot of fanfics. I minored in creative writing, but I don' usually think of myself as a writer, so the fanfic output was surprising and something I'm proud of ^_

21 Fanfics from two fandoms )

So, there you have it, my creative round up of 2008.
I may be adding on more work of art and one more fic before the new Year catches up to Texas.
We'll see.

AND NOW!!! My all time favorite Meme! YAY!
The End of Year Art Meme

(click images to see the larger versions)
What did I think was my best art? worst? Most disturbing? )

*FOLP OVER* And I'm done.
Omg, I'm glad these two memes only come once a year 0.o


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