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( Mar. 5th, 2017 09:43 pm)
Man 2017 is making 2016 look like no problem at all.
Personal Stuffs )

And after all that, let me show you the art I am most proud of from 2016 that I would like to keep doing in 2017:


I am working on a few small fixer-upper jobs around this site. I don't like the borders around the art, so over time you'll see those disappear. More importantly though, I'm moving removing some of my older art (or art I'm just displeased with). Some of the galleries were a bit over crowded and on this site I went to put my best foot forward (If you want to see every crazy -sometimes awful- sketch I do, join my my tumblr).

Convention season is going into full swing and I'm busying working on new prints, stickers, and bookmarks.

Below are the 17 newest bookmarks inked and awaiting coloring and a portion of the sketch for a new print!

New Art

Commission Info
Status: Open

Upcoming Shows
Dallas Fan Day 0ct 4-6th
North Texas Comic Con Oct 19th
Comic Book City Con Oct 26-27
Pancakes and Booze Nov 15th
North Texas Comic Con Nov 30th

Visit the The Widget Blog

In personal life updates. I'm using to try and improve my health so I'm in better baby having shape because I am now actively trying to get pregnant. So. Yup there's that.

Don't tell my mom!
I just lost about 10 lbs using this method

1. Refuse to buy any new clothes and wear mostly your fat jeans and T-shirts because you will lose the excess weight and fit back into your old, cute, clothes again Gosh Darn It.

2. Have work change the dress code to "all the things that fit you are not work appropriate."

3. Continue to refuse to buy new clothes while trying to lose weight before the deadline and the dress code takes effect.

4. Give up.

6. Spend $100.00 on new clothes that fit the weight you are now because you'll never lose it.

7. loose 10lbs so new clothes you bought are just baggy enough to no longer fit right, but you're still not able to fit into old wardrobe.

8. Listen to your body laugh at you.

I'm seriously tempted to just eat cake until I gain the 10 lbs back and fit into my new clothes again -_- It'd be easier and tastier I think!

IT IS MY 4th ANNIVERSARY!! Four years ago today I was finishing up brunch with my brides maids and getting ready to be married!!

So have a photo of me in my wedding dress . . . it's the only online one I can find. XD

(that is my happy smile btw. I have a stubborn overbite that's defied corrections, so if it's a posed Photo it's very rare for me to smile with my teeth showing. there more personal info. XD)

I'm not sure what my husband and I are going to do tonight. Well I know he's taking me to dinner, but the place is a surprise.

I do know though that I got him the four star dragon ball (replica of course LOL) and a gift card to Toys R Us. And he got me a awesome handmade purse made from this image

All-Con right before our anniversary means we can get awesome fannish gifts for each other LOL
I had a fantastic night last night at the at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Dallas. I was there because Tbranch invited me and my art was accepted for show :) Turned out to be a wonderful wonderful event, though I didn't get as many photos as I wanted.

Photos )

And in none art news, I just learned this:
The Guardians of Childhood, which will present the histories of such childhood icons as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and the Easter Bunny. The series will consist of 13 books—seven chapter books and six picture books

I've tread the two picture books, and I'm nearly done with St. Nicolas North, and you know, they are charming and awesome and I love them and I wish I had a child to read them too.

In not as good news, I'm sick -_-
details:It was worse than I thought )
Work is going well, but there's a lot of negativity coming from some co-workers, which ever since they eliminated earphones at our desks is a bit harder to tune out.

So try and compensate thing's that are going well that I can list before my break ends:

1. I've gotten the highest number of commissions this year than I ever had before. I've got regular customers now. This is amazing to me and I'm loving it. I my complain (a lot) about the work, but to be honest, it's wonderful. I mean right now, I'm drawing the cutest little girl as She-Hulk, and her brother as Winter Soldier. This is fun.

2. On top of that, I just checked my paypal account and someone GAVE ME MONEY! Like really, they were so happy with the commission that they gave me a bonus out of the kindness of their heart. This just... I'm stoked. I'm have to write a thank you letter right now and I so want to just gush, I'm not even sure what to day and not sound crazy. But this is just awesome.

3. My husband continues to do well working with Elfa. I know he hates his steady job (mall security, can't blame him, especially this time of year), but he's loving Elfa, he's doig really well, and the extra money has been a GOD SEND. So that's going well.

4. I'm enough ahead on Christmas gifts that there's not a rush. I can actually sit back and enjoy shopping without fearing the bills :) We did a bang up job buying early this year, so not even the sudden attack of December Birthdays is an issue!

5. Conventions have been going well. I've make a steady enough profit to keep these going and it's been a blast :)

6. I got a bonus at work and my husband and I are going for a fancy and yummy dinner as soon as the gift certificate comes in :D FUN! Especially around the holidays. I wonder if I can justify buying a new dress LOL

7. I've got amazing friends both online and off who have been there for me and continue to be there for me and I'm happy. I may not have a huge group of close friends, but the ones I have rock. So thank you Elly, Kai, and Karla, and of course, my husband.

8. My job is going well and I work with one of the nicest easiest clients. Really I'm lucky.

9. Everyone at work is enthusiastic about giving to our local woman's shelter, Safe Haven. It's wonderful to be able to help a LOCAL orgnaization rather than the more impersonal giant ones.
Well, I guess I should be thankful the be 'Eat at Chik-Fil-A" day is not actually ON my birthday . . . Just the day before. Yay -_- (I'd be even more thankful if THERE WERE NOT ONE. And that's all I feel like saying on that at this time. Bleh).

Anyway, the important thing here is that it's my birthday on 8/2. ^___^

For my birthday, can everything by Toro Raymond and nothing be sad?

No really, I'd love it if, just for a day at least, the Toro tag on tumblr were as busy as the Dick Grayson tag, or even just the Aqualad tag! XD And if there were bunches of Toro/Bucky on fic and art Ao3 or LJ/DW communities!

That is my fandom birthday wish ^__^

And in case anyone is wondering, 31.

So too all the young ones on tumblr, no, you do not have to "out grow" fandom.(Heck my dad is 62 and still with fandom. Though the older, non internet, side of fandom).

Now... back to the Jeremy Renner commission (yay)
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( Jan. 12th, 2012 01:28 pm)
Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week.

The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn't reviewed for another week and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then. Why the different treatment for the two patients? )

In other news reading some HP Lovecraft, which is fun.
Speaking of Lovecraft, I'm finally starting to gear up for the Sci-Fi Expo convention Feb 11th and 12th.

I'm going to make Firefly and Ghosbuster stickers and bookmark for sure, and maybe soem more Battlestar Galactica stickers, as BSG bookmarks usually do all right.

Other shows I probably need more of:
Dr Who
Stat Trek
Probably not SGU ^^
Maybe Sherlock
Cthulu never hurts
And there is never enough (Babs!)Batgirl so it seems. Even at a SCi-Fi convention!

Anyway, if anyone is coming to the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo, be sure to stop by my table (Galactic Dust Bunnies) and I should have the table number next time I pimp this.

... I think. I'm not sure I get that in advance for this con....

On another note, I just realized I need to re-do this icon and include Jericho.
Are their any other prominant Superhero./artists I'm forgetting (I know, Jan, given Fashion design is an art, but I'm thinking painting/drawing here).

OH! Also! I'm watching Jericho! dslkfjhadfladhfalhdhjfljadskfh SO GOOD!

See that. That's my tire. In my trunk. My front, driver's side tire. It blew out. 

Because I needed even more reason to let my acrophoria make it damn near impossible to drive over those. YAY. I'm fine, physically. Mentally shaken.

This was one of the #1 things I was afraid would happen to me on an overpass. Luckily I did not go over the side as I do when I imagine this happening.

So, my first time writing the new 2012 date was on a consent form so that the NTTA (our local toll road, that provides help to stranded vehicles I guess so we hate paying tolls a little less) could change my tire ^^
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( Jan. 1st, 2012 04:51 pm)
So, I've been trying to put up Christmas decorations.... which turned into reorganzing the closet, which has turned into wanting to re-do the entire living.... which I'd do except

1. I can't move all the heavy furniture by myself.
2. I need input from friends because I don't trust my vision.
3. I need green paint.

also.... dsklfhdasklfhhsklf HUSBAND! I understand why you want the transformers, I really do, but ALL THOSE BOXES ;_;

Why must you keep boxes. Why are collectors like this.


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