Here re the spot illustrations for the next Fireflies Short Story (to be posted soon!). Apologies for getting behind on that! Virus’s attacked, and work, and paying commissions -which need to go first ^^

Hopefully this peeks interest in the upcoming short story :)

Large versions )

Verryyyy proud of these. And hopefully they do the short story justice of the short story does them justice not sure which.

on another note, remember how I've said Wendy Pini was an early influence. Yeahhhhhh………
We have our first short story up, the website is about to go live (my text anti-alias setting was all off so it needs to be fixed before I take it public)

But for right now our twitter and tumblr are up, they have new content and WE ARE SO EXCITED!!

Tumblr: (with new fic)

The Short Story: Dazzler and The Music Box )
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( Nov. 6th, 2012 01:35 pm)
For those of you new, Fireflies is an original story I'm co-writing with Bagofmints. We are both more inclined to draw than write though so we have lots of doodles.

One of our characters, Crown drawn with ballpoint pen, sharpie, and my Android Picsart program (awesome app for the Droid. I love it to pieces unless itis crashing).

We also discovered a character creator Meme and both used it to create the characters as we see them.
The characters are (From top left to bottom right)
Jest, Coil, Flame, Shield, Smoke, Tower, Rook, Winter, Crown, Firebug, and Red

I think the biggest disagreement was over Firebug. Everything else was sorta the same, just expressed with different items. XD

My Version:

BagofMints Versions
Ok, here we have all the major and supporting characters in Fireflies.
stilllll working on a few character designs (Falcons and Firebug's for sure) but getting there. Also still working on finding the best looking NON screen-tone way to show skin tones. The ball point pen works better than the technical pen as far as real life goes as it gets far more variation, BUT doesn't scan as well. So still some issues to work out.

But anyway... The group as it looks right now

Larger Image )
We have from top left to bottom (Ranks listed as they are at start of the series)
Winter (Knave of Hearts), Jest (Black Jester), Shield (Knave of Clubs), Falcon (Ace of Clubs)
Sterling (potential ranked card), Firebug (Ace of Spades), Smoke (Knave of Spades), (dropping down a little) Coil (10 of Hearts), and Widow (Ace of Hearts)
Red (Red Jester), Loyal (Little Fey), Copper (Queen of Spades), and Crown (Jester)
and finally, Flame (King of Spades)

And that's the major cast... not counting Mockingbird, Swift, Vee, Bolt, Sharp, Jack, Destroyer, etc etc
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( Nov. 9th, 2010 08:28 am)
Some more art for the original story I am co-writing, this time of two of our more prominent female characters, Red and Copper

Larger Images w/ Descriptions )

Ahhh and now I'm upset as I forgot the facial tattoos in the watercolors.
oh well.
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( Oct. 20th, 2010 12:36 pm)
Two Imps from the fic of doom. The colored on is actually a fey form of a major character so I'll hold off saying too much there, the other is one of the minor circus fey that are involved in the story. Her name is Chance.

Larger images of course )
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( Sep. 30th, 2010 07:25 am)
And two more pen sketches from the story I am working on with Mint Riddell

Larger Under Here )
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( Sep. 25th, 2010 11:39 am)
I am busily working on an illustrated fantasy story with fellow artist Mint Riddell (yes two artists are writing RUN AWAY) which we both readily admit started as a Marvel AU and has expanded beyond that. Anyway, this is the 404 image.

The pensil were by Mint Riddell and the inking and coloring is by me

Cthulu makes everything better
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( Aug. 14th, 2010 06:04 am)
Strawberry and Cream twinkies are made of pure evil.
I don't think I've ever tasted anything so freaking awful in my life. BLERGHHH

Now onto the art:
It's more art for the crazy story of doom that [profile] mintriddell and I are writing.

Larger Image )


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