Title In the Mood
Author Ani_bester
Rating PG-13
Characters Steve and Bucky
Word Count 407
Warnings Underage Bucky, spankings, consensual SubDom
Summery The entire plot of this fic consists of 616!Bucky spanking a submissive Steve Rogers. There is nothing here beyond that.
Notes De-anoning this. It was written fora kinkmeme :)

In the Mood )
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( Mar. 22nd, 2013 01:15 pm)
My resolve to set out Queer_fest is severely weakened by the existence of awesome Toro and Jim Prompts ^^;; But I figure I’ll keep to my original plan for what to do if there were awesome prompts. I’ll just fill them outside the fest. :) Now though, I’m trying to decide though if I should ask the mods who the prompters were so I can (if I want to) let them know I’m filling their prompt. IDK. I’ve never filled fest prompts outside the fest.

Anyone have any thoughts? If you were the prompter, what would you want?

Also, these are the prompts I’m considering. I don’t have time to write all of them, so has anyone got any preferences? Anyone want to Cheerlead for any of these? XD It's a fest, so I'm always more motivated if I feel like I'm filling something for someone! (But even more, if anyone wanted to fill any of these prompts I would to the happy dance of fannish joy. Because writing it is fun, but even more fun is reading XD).

Anyway, here are the prompts I'm interested in (Character bias, what character bias!)
Bucky Barnes & Invaders, Between his typical middle class, religious upbringing, and his days in the military, Bucky learned from an early age that being queer is not ok. This causes not only issues with Brian and Roger who don't hide their relationship from the other Invader, and Toro who has a badly hidden crush on him, but also himself as he struggles with his feelings for Steve and Toro (please have Bucky be bisexual or pansexual in this- also given the nature of this fest, of course Bucky moving toward self-acceptance is what is being looked for here)
IIRC this is actually one of mine from several fests ago (It’s totally my phrasing). I still like it and may take a go, but the fic I had in mind for this was HUGE. What means it won’t get written. Which is why I abandoned the prompt to a fest in the first place ^^

Toro wants to be loved, just not to have sex (asexual, Demisexual, or Grey-A -prompt can be tweaked if needed to fit with Demi and Grey-A) Hfhsadfshflkhksdhfksdhfdkhkl ACE SPECTRUM TORO! Dkfhdslfhlsafhsjlkfhkslfhsalkdfhksadfhjksadfhkadljsfhjksaldfhklsh. This may get done no matter what so long as I can keep it from being an after school special.

Toro Raymond, Toro has been living with Andy for a very long time, when Andy begins to transition to Anne. They're both determined to still make the relationship work though.
Again, I think this is one of mine though I don’t recall leaving it. But I have the start of a fic in which Toro is in a relationship with a man named Andy who transitions to Ann. Another fic that got too long and hit the permanent WIP pile. So, right, if this isn’t my prompt, it’s a heck of a coincidence. But seeing it again . . . maybe I will try to finish the fic. I’ve just never been sure I can write someone transitioning well enough. It seems immensely personal and as someone whose never questioned my own birth sex I’m just unsure I can do it justice (again why it was in the fest)

Toro, when he heard what Jeff Macey (the patriot) had to say, it was the first time he realised that it was O.K. to like other men, that your friends could still support you.
All Winners era Toro just begs me to write it XD This one I think I saw before and have tried once before, and it ended up being an after school special ^^;;;

Toro(/Anne Raymond), getting involved with the gay rights movements in the early sixties, because being married doesn't make you straight
Toro/Ann, and early gay rights politics. NGNNNNNNN This would be fun but needs so much research.

Jim Hammond (Human Torch I)tries to come to terms with his asexuality in a world that seems primarily motivated by sex, and tries to decide if he thinks it's a flaw in his design, or simply who he is
This one I know is mine and if anyone ever write Ace or Gender Queer, or Trans Jim I would love you forever!!!

Jim Hammond, People assume that he's straight for a lot of reasons. All of them are wrong (whether he's gay or bisexual is up to the author.)
This is another one I think I recall from an earlier fest. Or something like it. I don’t think it’s mine, but I started fic with this premise. It was another that turned into an After School Special, so I stopped it.

Marvel Comics, Kid Commandoes, keeping secrets from the Adult Invaders
I could write with Gwenny and Davey XD

If you can’t tell, After School Special syndrome is my big issue when writing this issue based fics ^^ I feel like everything ends up too pat, or I’m explaining to much, or the situation is too contrived. Things to work on, right XD
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( Mar. 5th, 2013 01:11 pm)
Well, in about three months, I’ve made the following progress on my trope bingo. I now know what 5 tropes I will be writing about! GO ME!

I’ve chosen.
Telepath/mind meld –this will most likely be a Torch&Toro fic relating to Toch’s ability to feel Toro’s emotions because of science and reasons
Truth or Dare – Bucky Toro, I’m thinking Bucky and Toro though and actually using the headcanon I have where Toro is about 12 (because the army does not care how old the fire person is) or while Bucky is 16. Alternative this might be just cute Toro/Ann fluff. Not sure yet
Au: Apocalypse: General Avengers Zombie AU. I have to. Probably featuring Toro (because it’s me) Kate, Clint, maybe Rikki, maybe Bucky, we’ll see. I hate myself but the story I want to tell right now involved Toro’s wife being dead so I get bonus wife fridging trope -_- I’m trying not to do that- though maybe if I balance out with lots of not dead women it won’t feel so much like fridging? Right now it is though and I can’t pretend it’s not and I feel bad.
AU: Neighbors Still unsure what to do with this one, probably because I’ve never encountered this trope before ^^
Au: Circus : Everyone in the circus! I will probably cross this over with DC and there will be Clint, and Jason, and Dick, and Toro raising hell in a circa 1910 traveling circus :D

Now I just need the time to write all this. ^^;;;

As for [community profile] queer_fest
Nope not even. After my discussion with the mods, and seeing Gehayi's, they are participating in erasure by declaring what should and should not be obvious to someone. I'm not remotely ok with the mods atitudes there, nor do I feel it's a safe place for anything other than the most well known four sexualities (You know LGBT). Essentually they've said twice now that the the requested sexuality in an unspecified prompt should be "obvious" and alternative interpretations (of again an unspecified prompt)are erasure.
NO. Screw that. That's erasure on the mods part.

However, I will look for prompts there for possible inspiration later on (You know if you put Toro/Ann I'll probably write it LOL) - just not posting anything there. I'm still debating if I even want to leave prompts -_- On the one hand I really want asexual Jim Hammond, on the other. . . . meh.

This kills me, because the LGBTfest was AWESOME, but this is the third year of Queer_fest and the third year the mods have exhibited toxic and closed minded opinions, and now being involved directly, and not having it just on hearsay, I'm done.

I just wish there was another fest like it I could take part in :/
I've been very sick and passing time laying on the couch watching bad movies. I put one on and couldn't even get through it, but I amused myself for a while by having Toro and Bucky MST3K it :)

So that's what this is:)

Movie Night With Toro and Bucky
[Sitting: Late night movie night with Toro and Bucky in Toro's small apartment]

Toro: What have you put on ,Bucky

Bucky: I didn’t catch the title but the summery said that a family allowed a occult Nazi researcher to live with them and ended becoming his undead slaves. And yet it has more than 3 stars. I have to know how!

Toro: Ok so not my kind of movie at all. Thanks.

Bucky: I have watched your kind of movie every time I visit. I pick, you can cover your eyes or something.

Toro: Fine and next time we’ll watch the Fucking Manchurian Candidate, you ass.

Bucky: Oh, ok, so it’s black and white so we now it SERIOUS and we’re in Germany.

Toro: Virginia

Bucky. What the states? But that’s a Nazi

Toro: 1936 he could still come to the states; did you listen to the intro at all?

Bucky: I was too busy being impressed by their black and white grainy film, which clearly more important than acting.

Toro: I don’t know the German guy is creepy in a “I’ll going to hurt the little girl first” kinda way.

Bucky: No, the actor is benefitting from mental associations you’re making. He’s lousy and his German is lousy.

Toro: C‘mon, you’re being overly critical. The scene is honestly disturbing and ….it’s suddenly modern times. Why did we just jump to modern times and color?

Bucky: It’s our lives!

Toro: Oh Ha Ha.

Bucky: And that would be why you don’t make meth.

Toro: I think it’s a both a warning against using and making meth. Not even sure the crazy women noticed her trailer exploded.

Bucky: What part of the plot does this relate to?

Toro: That medic is a main character; they’re introducing him.

Bucky: Ahhhh the ‘you are an awful son and never good enough for me despite clearly being my care taker’ plotline.

Toro: Is it me or are these scenes choppy and badly edited.

Bucky: I think the lack of understandable motivation is giving the scenes that impression. And….. Ok wait, I’m confused, I thought the brother was dead, now he’s back and they’re going through a swamp. Wait what? Hey, jerk, tell you what’s going, how about tell the viewers! C’mon movie, through us a bone.

Toro: An evil Nazi came to live with a German family in America, than a crazy addict killed a man and a meth lab blew up. Then Faramir –

Bucky: That’s not his name.

Toro: What is his name?

Bucky: I haven’t caught that yet.

Toro: Exactly. Ok so then Faramir is told off by his father for not being the military hero is dead brother was and laid into because clearly dead Boromir is the better son and someone it’s Faramir’s fault ‘cause Boromir came back from the war and then disappeared when he and his brother went somewhere together. Then Faramir angsts. And now Boromir and Faramir are running through the woods and attacking the unaged German family from the beginning of the movie! What’s hard to follow?

Bucky: The plot thread that ties any of that together.

Toro: I think it’s “evil Nazi.”

Bucky: Ok, this movie my require a little more analysis than your usually Disney fair, Toro.

Toro: More patience for shaky cameras that’s for sure.

Bucky: I’m confused, is this scene with Boromir and Faramir attacking the Undead German Farm family a flashback or not? And- Oh ok NOW you check the creepy cellar? Great job securing the premises moron.


Bucky: *covers Toro’s eyes* It’s ok, he’s just strung up, no torturing.


Bucky: Ok, you can look. Now it’s a fist fight now between Boromir and Farmir. Because when you’ve released ancient Nazi evil and are surrounded by crazy farmers, getting into a fist fight with your brother is a good idea. ….. You know the random fighting reminds me of us.

Toro: Yup, solving who is the better soldier vie fist fights in the mud. How did we not get ourselves killed?

Bucky: My skills balanced your stupid.

Toro: Want to relive those fist fight days?

Bucky: HA! I’d like to see you -


Bucky: Ok ok movie off. I swear I didn’t know

Toro: Why did I let you talk me into this! We could have watched Dumbo

Bucky: No

Toro: Hugo?

Bucky: Nope

Toro: There are other things than horror and action you get that right?

Bucky: Hmmmmmm… Nope

Toro: You're impossible. Well it’s 3:00 am and I’m not going to sleep now want anything from the kitchen.

Bucky: Hotcakes?

Toro: Of course you want that.
Title: What’s Best For You
Character: Natasha
Rating: G
Word Count: 614
Notes: Alternative Ending to Winter Soldier 14:
PS: I’m not saying there aren’t problematic issues here, but they are ones I am aware of and intend as thinky points not cheap shocks -_-

Summery: Natasha takes matters into her own hands and makes a painful, but in her opinion necessary decision

What's Best For You )

And Now, My Thoughts on Issue 14
Given I jus wrote "Fix it" fic, you can guess I was less than impressed with Burbaker's ending to Winter Soldier.

I know I've talked about my general lack of happiness with the current Winter Soldier arc in that the plot amounted do
Play like some cheesy 80's music in the background and that's pretty much how this plot went.

Like seriously, Amy in the A-Team was less of a victim than Natasha has been in this arc. Natasha has been like the token female in an 80's cartoon level of "victim to give the guys something to do" and I've just not been moved.

SO the ending:
I had to restrain myself from twitting anger and resentment and Brubaker all night )

God I hope Kelly writes a fucking awesome Natasha in Avengers Assembled I need me some in charge, kicks ass, awesome Nat again.

And I hope in WS she punches Bucky a good one for trying to decide what is or is not done to her head FOR HER -_-
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( Nov. 26th, 2012 01:10 pm)
Well I updated my blogspot with some Widgets
Three Widget Sketches

I love doing those. I think they are partially born from all the time I spent watching The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits with my father. I love the creepy-something-is-not-right-here stuff :)

I'm trying to find a way to work these into my art convention a bit more. I need to get (I think) a stand up shelf behind me so I can display original framed art work, and get a credit card scanner to charge fairly for these paintings. I also need to finish more ^^

In none fandom news
I've started a little "series" so to speak called Super Dads and Little Sarah

It's based on a prompt from the [profile] bucky_kink meme asking for a fluff fic in which Bucky and Steve are married and have a kid. I enjoyed writing it so much, I've so far written more fics for that universe and probably will write other :)
Title First Time for Everything
Author [personal profile] ani_bester
Rating G
Characters Jim Hammond and Toro Raymond
Word Count 1288
Warnings NA
Notes This would take place not long after Toro came to live with Jim. I'm sorta splitting the difference between Golden and Silger age here when it comes to Toro's age, so maybe around 14.

Summery It's the first time Jim realizes some of the problems that can come with living with a teenager and the first time Toro calls him pappy.

First Time for Everything )
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( Nov. 6th, 2012 09:19 am)
Going back and editing a fic I found this:

For a He tugged on the black plastic table cloth, straining up ma corner straightening a corner that didn’t need to be fixed. Steve laded Steve glanced at Sam and caught the raised eyebrows just before Sam’s expression became neutral again.

See this is my third edit through. At some point I read this and thought it was fine >.<

And this ladies and gentleman is why I draw more than write XD
Title Grandfather
author Ani_Bester
Rating G
Characters Natasha, Toro
Word Count 2,698
Warning Spoilers for Secret Avengers #23
Notes Freya is from The Torch miniseries. She lives in the underground city of New Berlin, which is comprised of Horton Cell based people, but they will be burned alive if exposed to normal air. In the series, Toro expressed eagerness to see her again, and she very much wanted to see Toro again

Summery Natasha listens to Jim's messages while he is "indisposed" and learns of something that needs to be dealt with if Clint wants to keep a lid on everything that happened, especially to Jim.

Grandfather )
Title Come Together, Come Apart
Rating PG
Characters Bucky/Toro
Notes This was done based on a writing meme I saw going around. Put your music playing device on random (or in my case I used one of my Pandora channels) and write ficlets for the songs as they come up. You've got the length of the song to write the fic in. Then post. Disclaimer here, I'm cheating. Trust me you guys WANT me to cheat. As anyone who as ever RPed with me, you do NOT want to read my raw writing. It's a typo-extravaganza. So I did what it said, but then edited them. I also a re-arranged the song order for better flow. In case anyone wanted to know, the original order was: White Rabbit, Kathy's Song, Time of the Season, Somebody to Love, Painted Black, Sound of Silence. And yes, Pandora clearly wants Bucky/Toro angst >.>
Summery: Moments in Bucky and Toro's lives that either brought them together or pulled them apart, or maybe as little of both.

Bucky stood away several feet away from where Toro sat like a statue on the ground  )

This was fun to write because I got to explor the idea I have that they are a rather enthusiastic (id desperate) couple during WWII, and then very awkward in modern day owing to how little they find they have in common outside of the setting of war.
Title Inside Looking Out
Rating G
Characters Jim and Toro
Warnings Minor Spoilers for Prometheus
Notes I did threaten to write this fic XD I added author comments to a second posted version because I was literally waiting for paint to dry; I hope you find 'em interesting.
Summery Jim isn't too keen on the use of Androids in the Alien franchise

Toro caught a glimpse of Jim, his red jacket standing out )

Fic with author comments )
Title Just To Be There
Rating G
Characters Primary: Bucky/Natasha, Secondary: Toro/Anne & their baby
Word Count 1470
Notes Takes place after Bucky's "funeral" but before the start of Winter Soldier and it is free of spoilers.
Also, this fic assumes Anne uses the Horton cells to reverse her aging (like Spitfire did). One day I will write that fic so I can just link to it. But anyway, that's my hand-wavey, Marvel, crack-science explanation for why she's young enough to have a baby again. And finally [profile] tacoma_trauma part of this is for you, and I think you'll know which part ;)

Summery Letting everyone things he's dead means Bucky misses out on some pretty big changes in his the lives of his friends. So he puts his skills to use to at least do what he can.

Bucky slumped down in his seat as he watched Toro jump about the stag )
Title Pay Back
Rating G
Characters Bucky and Toro
Ships It's gen, but I mean it could be shippy up to you
Word Count 1,744
Notes This is based on something my dad did to me. Thanks dad.

Summery Bucky isn't feeling well and Toro could be a good, supportive friend, or he could pay Bucky back a bit for all the pranks pulled over the years. Hard choice, right?

Bucky wasn't pale because he'd been spending too much time covered nearly head to toe in a costume but because a simple virus had done what so many super villains had failed to do, laid Captain America low )
Title: Canvas
Author: [Bad username or unknown identity: ani_bester"]
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Bucky/Steve
Word Count: 2261
Warnings/Kinks: playing with paint brushes
Con Crit:: Oh sure
Notes: Movie-Verse fic
Summery: Steve's first attempt to enlist, and both of them dealing with Bucky getting accepted and Steve getting rejected.

Reaching the end, Steve took a spot in line, Bucky behind him hands jammed into his pockets as he tried to convince himself he'd trained Steve up enough to pas )
Guys guys, I'm so so proud of these, especially the first one. It's my first fic actually dealing with the spectrum of Queer that applies to me.
If you've got the time, reading and commenting (at least on the first one, if both is too long) would mean a whole lot to me. ^^

Title: The Simple Truth Between Us Two
Author and Artist: [personal profile] ani_bester
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Pairing/characters: Toro/Ann
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 6,402
Disclaimer: Not making money, not even pretending like I own, please no suing.
Prompt: Toro Raymond, When people find out that he and Bucky were together during the war, even his closest allies assume Toro's wife was a "beard." They're wrong, but that doesn't make him straight or confused, either.
Summary: Toro's relationship with his wife is questioned even by his best friends and he looks back on his the life he had with Ann and the life he hopes to get back.
Warnings: Bigotry, attitudes from the 50's and 60's
Author's notes: Please keep in mind that I am writing about only two characters which represent only a small part of the vast spectrum of asexuality and demisexuality. I am by no means saying this fic represents the be all and end all of anything just one of man combinations of possibilities.

I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me )

Title: I'll Let Go If You'll Catch Me
Author:[personal profile] ani_bester
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Pairing/characters: Steve and Bucky, minor Bucky/Toro,
Rating: PG (adult concepts of self-loathing and brutality)
Disclaimer: I so do not own any Marvel characters, nor do I work for or represent Marvel
Prompt: Bucky Barnes, You can't brainwash someone's sexuality away. But Karpov tried his best
Summary: New found knowledge brings Bucky new fears about what Karpov might have done to him. Luckily Steve is there to lend an ear.
Warnings: Bigoted opinions on queerness, self-loathing, opening scene shows aversion therapy and an attempt to "cure" a character from being queer.
Author's Notes: You know, originally this was going to be horribly dark and disturbing and then Steve made puppy eyes at me until I allowed the majority of the fic to be him and Bucky. Much thanks to the brilliant [personal profile] jynx for her beta!

You know, Buck, there was this amazing invention, electricity )
Title First and Last Chance
Rating G
Characters Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, Toro, Ann
Word Count 1,295
Notes Random ficlet is set in random time and may not fit with current canon stories, granted that's possibly evident by Bucky not being in a Gulag. Ann is the canon wife of Toro, girlfriend of Jim Hammond, (god bless Marvel) and hung around the West Coast Avengers and Namor's corporation thing. Also, I'm sure in the Marvel universe NASA is much snazzier than in real life…

Summery Friends gather to watch the last shuttle mission.

Bucky flipped over so Sam could see him scowl )
Title: Ruminations on a Bad Hand
Author Ani_Bester
Rating G
Characters Destroyer (Roger), other Invaders
Word Counts 1,448
Summery Brian contemplates the second chances everyone but he and Brian have been given.

Notes Brian and Roger were lovers back in WWII (as established in New Invaders) and of the Invaders, Brian (Union Jack) is the only one to remain dead, and Roger (Destroyer) is the only one to remain elderly.

We're all the same age, Jim, just Ann and I are the only ones who have the decency to look it )
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( Mar. 16th, 2011 07:37 am)
Title Lead the Way
Rating PG
Characters Steve/Jim
Word Count 150
Notes I was challenged to write some Steve/Jim. It was meant to be an AU Steve/Jim (which I will ge tto) but in the meantime, Invaders!Steve/Jim yay!

Lead the Way

The first thing Steve was aware of was how much warmer Jim was than a normal human. He let his fingers explore Jim's chest while he watched Jim's expressions to see which touches needed to be repeated. As he let his hands circle round Jim's hips, he saw Jim's eyelids flutter and heard him gasp. Steve watched as Jim's flush darkened and spread, and as it did so he felt Jim's skin warm beneath his hands just a bit more.

"You're warm as hot chocolate," Steve chuckled.

"That's good, right?" Steve smiled at the hopeful expression in Jim's blue eyes.

"I like it," he said simply, moving forward into a more intimate closeness. He felt Jim shiver as Steve's hands slid around to Jim's back.

"Good," Jim whispered as his eyes shut and he reached out to place an unsure hand on Steve's shoulder.

"Very good," Steve agreed.
Title Will You Still Need Me?
Rating PG
Characters Toro/Ann
Word Count 1650
Summery A short scene between Toro and Ann after Toro has come back to life. OBth of them are working to reconcile what has changed between them and what has not.
Notes I am ignoring, for this snippet anyway, the tacked on husband Marvel gave Ann to justify Toro refusing to see her. In my head-canon Toro misunderstood dating for married and so Ann is in fact a single woman. Also, Ann is her canon age in this. Probably about 75-85, give or take some crack marvel year passage.

In another life perhaps the photographs of children with brown hair and blue eyes would occupy that spot )


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