So I just realized which Guardian Katherine is.

I'm sure I'm just slow and everyone else knew this, but still. She's gonna be Mother Goose, right? (if that's spelled out in the third book, be nice, I'm not there yet).

I mean what she has the giant goose, she is making up the stories, and was working on Humpty Dumpty even!

Anyway, cool!

And I know Mother nature is introduced.
The books are a little more well rounded over all than the movie in terms of representation (actualy I think Tooth was whitewashed, which if so, well make me sad. But in the photo of her in the book she very much looks like she was from India or therabouts in Asia).
I think I got that title right, it's a long title.

Ok seriously, I'm every bit as enchanted with the mythology of this world as I was with Harry Potter. I can't wait to read Toothiana's story and then I can't wait for more books!!

Bunnymund being that ancient blew my mind. And the whole story of Pitch and his daughter (of which I think more is told later). It's just so awesome.

Also Katherine! I love her. I wish she was in the movie and dfhnafhsjldfhlshfjsdl if there is a sequel I WANT HER IN IT. She's great.

and ahhh in art news:

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Awesome community!
I know this is somewhat similar to another post. Sorry ^^;; I am just dwelling.

I saw a tumblr post about plotholes in RotG and I wanted to add my headcanon answers but now I can’t find it :( (mini rant: I can’t find it because it’s buried beneath like a billion RP blogs –really guys, could we have a common RP blog tag? I’m sure they’re fun, but for those of who don’t participate have those be like 90% of my RoTG tag is annoying).

Anyway, the only point I can recall now was the question as to why – if the Guardians strength comes from belief- were Pitch and Jack so strong? I think this relates to why the Sandman was so strong as well (because certainly he came back without the kids specificly believing in him).

North, Tooth, and Bunnymund represent something that doesn’t actually exist unless you believe in it. Christmas, Easter, and a little fairy leaving gifts for teeth are all basically a human belief thing.

Whereas Jack, Sandy, and Pitch, have aspects of themselves that are not dependent on human belief. When I was a kid I was terrified of my closet and under my bed and of the dark in general, but if you asked me if the Boogey man existed I’d say no. Well Pitch gains power from fear, so he’d gain power from kids like me but we don’t believe in him specifically so we couldn’t see him. Same for Jack. Is Snow fun? BIG TIME yes from me (I live in Texas, Snow and Frost are huge treats), but did I believe Jack Frost was anything but fiction, no. So again, same thing. I Jack is fueled by fun then plenty of that but no specific believed in him.

Now Sandy I feel is like these two in that most kids I speak with know dreams are real, but don’t believe in the Sandman in the way the believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. So I don’t think Sandy would be as visible as the others, but the fact that the kids could see Sandy but not Pitch I just sorta let the movie have that one and went with it.

My big plot hole is the one I see pointed out again a fair few times.
If the parents aren’t leaving Ester eggs or money for teeth (and then presumably not presents on Christmas) don’t they find it odd that these things magically appear, and then wouldn’t they believe too? And then wouldn’t Pitch have to try a lot harder and for a lot longer to kill that belief?

And then ok wait, kids around the world stop believe in the Easter Bunny because of no Easter Eggs, but hello western Bias. Kids around the world already don’t believe in the Easter Bunny let alone celebrate a Christian Holiday!

Although this might also explain why Tooth, North, and Bunnymund are more vulnerable. Kids around the world believe in Fear, Frost, and Dreams. But you’ve got a much fewer number of children who would believe in North, Tooth, and Bunnymund.

Unless there are concepts in those cultures that count for those three (like say culture’s avatar of Spring counts for Bunnymund)….. but then again those three seemed very VERY tied to their western conceptualization.

Aslo, I just got three of the five Guardians of Childhood books and I'm excited (The other two are coming in the mail).

It amuses me though because it's like my reading level is going backwards, kinda like Merlin’s age. When I was 10-12 I was reading things like Lord of the Rings, then in college, I was reading Harry Potter, and then now that I’m 30 I’m reading the Guardians of Childhood which is blatantly advertised as being for “early” readers ^^;;

Granted I’m also reading Tales of the Cthulu Mythos which is by HP Lovecraft and other authors such as August Deralth and Stephen King, but still XD


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