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Recently I rediscovered my love of anime/manga - well not so much the entire genre, but at least my old favorites:

Violinist of Hameln, Vampire Miyu, Yu Yu Hakushou, Samurai Troopers, Saint Seiya, and of course Sailor Moon.

I think I clearly like team books. The only one up there not a team book is Vampire Miyu and even she had a sort of team in the Western Shinma Invasion story. This probably bled into why I like the Invaders so much because really, they are essentially a sentai team :D

I also found out that there is Supernatural, Invaders, and Avengers doujinshi. Normally this would be bad for my pocket book except OMG!!!!!!
The cost from any american vender is INSANE some of this are almost $100 and wtf. I am not paying 100 for second hand doujinshi >.< I sincerely doubt you paid the original arts even half that AND I KNOW SHIPPING IS NOT THAT MUCH (I now also wonder if there is Once Upon a Time doujinshi that would horrify me into a coma. Because I'd love some sweet gen Once Upon a Time doujinshi).

Anyway, this re-found interest lead me to Animefest where I had a lot of fun and SERIOUSLY need to get a table there next year except for the small problem of being old and out of touch with anime which is the reason I have never gotten a table there before.

But it seemed like fun of I can cover the losses if there are some.
On the other hand it was also just fun to be a fan again and run around the dealers room.

And it's a very very very very very VERY good thing I don't have credit cards anymore because I was painfully reminded of why I have credit card debt to do this day ^^;;;;; ($10.00 a pieces for Sailor Moon manga, now I have to go, nope no cash. Back in the day, plastic came out).

And finally, in celebration, a collection of some older fanart from my anime fan days :D

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For Fun

Leave a Fandom in the Comments and I'll tell you
•Favourite Female:
•Favourite Male:
•3 Other Favourite Characters:
•3 OTPs:
•Funniest character:
•Prettiest character:
•Most Annoying Character:
•Most badass character:
•Character I’d like as my BFF:
•Female Character I’d Marry:
•Male Character I’d Marry:
•Character I hate/dislike/least like

And now some nostalgia.
I painted both of these Narnia pictures back in 2005 - one for fun and one as a commission (still fun though)

Edmund and Peter "You Beast"

Jadis: The White Witch

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There are a fair number of people now shipping Hansel and Gretel (from the Witch Hunters movie where they are adults, in case I'm worrying anyone).

This doesn’t surprise me. I'm not new to fandom not my fir st rodeo -Fred/George, Sam/Dean, Amiboshi/Suboshi - blah blah.

But again, I'm struck by the insistence (as with notably Sam/Dean) that the way they act is only explainable by romantic love.

And it just makes me wonder if we are SO used to seeing two leads in love (especially a male female lead) that we automatically process any sign of affection as romantic love/lust - bypassing all other types of love.

Because while I see where people get the ship from, to me it was normal amounts of interaction between two siblings who are very close and would probably do lots of hugging/close touching upon finding the other Not Dead. Heck I freaking kissed my brother on the cheek when he was not dead and I thought he might be (Short version. Car accident. Family thought he was in the car, he'd gone home with other friends). So to me there's nothing in their behavior that *must* be anything other than familial/platonic love.

It is allowed to be very strong without leading to sex.

So I just wonder if people are reading it romantic because we've been pretty much trained to read any close interactions between a male and female (and in fandom male and male and female and female) as romantic, and so that's what we see when there is any strong affection shown.

Just thoughts. :)

Oh more thoughts.
I'm very disappointed to find people in the Social Justic Fandom bashing the portrayal of Diabetes in this movie. Bash the explanation of how he got it all you want. It was goofy (My headcanon fix for that is he probably doesn’t know what caused it and is taking his best guess due to correlation and/or his mother gave him the simplified for a kid version of why he got sick and his sister didn't - also totally convinced those injections are white magic medicine that Gretel didn't even know she was doing - because insulin in that period. No.)

Anyway point being that I didn’t think how Hansel’s diabetes was portrayed was problematic. It wasn’t the butt of a joke, it wasn’t made light of, and it wasn’t used to weaken his character or cause him to need saving. It was just a part of him and his life that he had to deal with, but it didn't stop him nor did he seem to feel hindered by it.

To me it seems like the positive portrayal of someone with the disease. But then I'm not diabetic, so I don’t have to really deal with it.
What were y'alls thoughts on that?

Btw, yes, I may in fact have another new fandom. I'll see how this goes :D
Fanfiction Round Up
Wow, ok so this year went by fast. I had so many fics I wanted to write and didn't even get through half of them. Much more Bucky/Toro, Toro/Anne, and Torch&Toro fics that I had in mind and they just never got written. Not much did; I was light on fics this year, but here's what I did get up :)

Super Dads and Baby Sarah Universe (Bucky/Steve & Adopted Daughter)
Going Home
After finishing up a mission and reporting to Nick Fury, Steve is finally free to go home and enjoy some time with his husband Bucky and young daughter, Sarah.
Lazy Afternoon
Steve and Bucky spend some down time with their daughter Sarah.
Simple Things
Slice of Life fic in which Steve has thrown a Halloween party and is enjoying the time with friends and family

A Change In Venue
The biggest shock and the most pleasant surprise of Bucky's post-Winter Soldier life is discovering that there were other men who liked to wear dresses
Giving Beyond Your Means
Steve's up to something. Bucky aims to stop whatever it is.

Torch and Toro Family Fics
First Time for Everything
It's the first time Jim realizes some of the problems that can come with living with a teenager and the first time Toro calls him pappy.
Natasha listens to Jim's messages while he is "indisposed" and learns of something that needs to be dealt with if Clint wants to keep a lid on everything that happened, especially to Jim.
Inside Looking Out
Jim isn't too keen on the use of Androids in the Alien franchise
To Mr. Scott Summers and Whomever Else it May Concern
Toro is fed up with the X-men and their attempt to have all mutants in their school
Cruel War
Jim never gave a second thought about Toro being his partner when they fought gangsters and hoodlums, but now as a battleship takes them closer to the Pacific Front, Jim begins to have his doubts.

Bucky/Toro Fics
Come Together, Come Apart
Moments in Bucky and Toro's lives that either brought them together or pulled them apart, or maybe as little of both.
Just To Be There
Letting everyone things he's dead means Bucky misses out on some pretty big changes in his the lives of his friends. So he puts his skills to use to at least do what he can.

Once Upon a Time
Just That
Jefferson has been trapped in his house, making hats and trying to get back to Grace for the last 18 years without anything significant changing. Then Regina shows up with a surprise and later a gift.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2012 07:02 pm)
FYI, I will be taking part in [community profile] fandom_stocking for the third year in a row :)
My own stocking is HERE

If you have one, let me know.
Otherwise I'll just do as much as I can for people who listed fandoms I love.
And once again, for those who do not follow My tumblr here's the roundup of Holiday artwork done this week :)

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Meh, I think I would enjoy being in a Rise of the Guardians fandom just not the fandom I’m finding so far.
It just…. It makes me feel old trying to look at the fics. I’m not gonna say anything, it’s a young fandom and the fics are on part with what I was writing and reading when I was young. It’s just, so was everything else. I’ve always been in a fandom that’s sorta grown up with me(harry Potter and various anime) or been established and has many people my age already in it (comics Star Trek). So this is my first time with a new fandom that’s mainly young and I’m just not feeling the fit.

Also, all the emphasis on ships 0.o
Can’t I just have some fun time Gen fics. I mean that tooth collecting scene was one of the greatest most fun things I’ve ever seen. I want fic like that. Not how Jack and the Easter Bunny fall in love -_-

Speaking of, since I’m back at work I’ve had lots of mind wandering time, so it’s been wandering all over RotG but sadly been stuck in analytical mode so now I have thoughts like:

Ok, so in Rise of the Guardians, if the Tooth Fairy doesn’t have fairies no teeth are collected, and if the Easter Bunny doesn’t leave eggs no eggs are there for Easter…..

So then what, parents don’t do this? Do they not buy Christmas presents either because of Santa?
And if so, how is it that there’s not wide spread belief in The Guardians? Because I’m pretty sure parents would notice eggs and presents and money for teeth appearing for no reason and then magic seems a lot more likely.

So then why is it just little kids that need to believe? Wouldn’t adults too? Does their belief not matter?

And if parents DO put these things out, was it like everyone’s Easter off collectively at the same time?

Still a cute movie, and yes I’m overthinking it, but I’m doing data entry. I’m over thinking *everything* to keep myself entertained.

I don’t even have time to put down all my thoughts on “What about cultures that don’t have those Holidays and Beliefs?” Are there other guardians for them? Presumably not as pitch was knocking out belief worldwide. So do the Guardians have functions based on regional belief then? And if there was a European Division of tooth collectors, why weren’t they doing their job! All of Europe should have been fine!

Also, excuses me, no one believe in the Boogeyman? Since when? Because I can tell you this, if all it take sis one kid, Pitch was golden from like 83-87 -_-

Or do I have to specifically be scared of the Boogeyman and not the utter and total creepiness of my room at night? Because I don’t think I ever specifically put that name with anything, but dlfhalfhsdfhajsdlfhjksdlfh I STILL do not like the dark. I get the heebie jeebies just trying to go into the backroom to scan my Christmas art each night -_-

And yup thoughts.
Hello New Followers :) Welcome to my crazyness here (or on LJ if you're reading that).

I don't have a lot of fandom babble to post because I've been swamped with my Advent art (one piece of art a day- usually related to Fandom I love).
The Day by Day posts happen on my tumblr but I'm re-posting 'em here a week at a time.

So here we go, the first 9 (because I'm cnofused as to how many days in a weel it seems).

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