A while back I made a harry Potter coloring book and ever since then, I've wanted to do an original one (and see if maybe my local comic place might put it on the shelf XD).

So now I'm going for it!
Here is a preview of some of the art that will go into the coloring book I will be making to sell. :)

6 pieces are from the Harry Potter coloring book I did but were original enough to be used for this, 3 are totally new for this, and the last 5 are re-drawings of older pieces for this book, which was fun to see how my style changed.

And now, feedback wanted as I brainstorm Projects
that said as I work on creating a coloring book i also found that I want to to do a fadomy one too.

I am debating between doing a only Steve/Bucky coloring book, a Bucky coloring book (so lots of just Bucky and various Bucky ships), or just a general fandom coloring book (Marvel, DC, SPN whatever I wanted to put in it). All would be PG-13 rated and I’d make it free to download because I don’t need to be sued by Marvel or anyone else XD

Would there be interest? And if so what is the preference? Steve/Bucky, more Bucky and Bucky ships, or general fandom things.
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( Jun. 13th, 2013 04:06 pm)

I love Bucky's expression here. It's sorta a "you can't watch me forever," look.
Title In the Mood
Author Ani_bester
Rating PG-13
Characters Steve and Bucky
Word Count 407
Warnings Underage Bucky, spankings, consensual SubDom
Summery The entire plot of this fic consists of 616!Bucky spanking a submissive Steve Rogers. There is nothing here beyond that.
Notes De-anoning this. It was written fora kinkmeme :)

In the Mood )
I've been very sick and passing time laying on the couch watching bad movies. I put one on and couldn't even get through it, but I amused myself for a while by having Toro and Bucky MST3K it :)

So that's what this is:)

Movie Night With Toro and Bucky
[Sitting: Late night movie night with Toro and Bucky in Toro's small apartment]

Toro: What have you put on ,Bucky

Bucky: I didn’t catch the title but the summery said that a family allowed a occult Nazi researcher to live with them and ended becoming his undead slaves. And yet it has more than 3 stars. I have to know how!

Toro: Ok so not my kind of movie at all. Thanks.

Bucky: I have watched your kind of movie every time I visit. I pick, you can cover your eyes or something.

Toro: Fine and next time we’ll watch the Fucking Manchurian Candidate, you ass.

Bucky: Oh, ok, so it’s black and white so we now it SERIOUS and we’re in Germany.

Toro: Virginia

Bucky. What the states? But that’s a Nazi

Toro: 1936 he could still come to the states; did you listen to the intro at all?

Bucky: I was too busy being impressed by their black and white grainy film, which clearly more important than acting.

Toro: I don’t know the German guy is creepy in a “I’ll going to hurt the little girl first” kinda way.

Bucky: No, the actor is benefitting from mental associations you’re making. He’s lousy and his German is lousy.

Toro: C‘mon, you’re being overly critical. The scene is honestly disturbing and ….it’s suddenly modern times. Why did we just jump to modern times and color?

Bucky: It’s our lives!

Toro: Oh Ha Ha.

Bucky: And that would be why you don’t make meth.

Toro: I think it’s a both a warning against using and making meth. Not even sure the crazy women noticed her trailer exploded.

Bucky: What part of the plot does this relate to?

Toro: That medic is a main character; they’re introducing him.

Bucky: Ahhhh the ‘you are an awful son and never good enough for me despite clearly being my care taker’ plotline.

Toro: Is it me or are these scenes choppy and badly edited.

Bucky: I think the lack of understandable motivation is giving the scenes that impression. And….. Ok wait, I’m confused, I thought the brother was dead, now he’s back and they’re going through a swamp. Wait what? Hey, jerk, tell you what’s going, how about tell the viewers! C’mon movie, through us a bone.

Toro: An evil Nazi came to live with a German family in America, than a crazy addict killed a man and a meth lab blew up. Then Faramir –

Bucky: That’s not his name.

Toro: What is his name?

Bucky: I haven’t caught that yet.

Toro: Exactly. Ok so then Faramir is told off by his father for not being the military hero is dead brother was and laid into because clearly dead Boromir is the better son and someone it’s Faramir’s fault ‘cause Boromir came back from the war and then disappeared when he and his brother went somewhere together. Then Faramir angsts. And now Boromir and Faramir are running through the woods and attacking the unaged German family from the beginning of the movie! What’s hard to follow?

Bucky: The plot thread that ties any of that together.

Toro: I think it’s “evil Nazi.”

Bucky: Ok, this movie my require a little more analysis than your usually Disney fair, Toro.

Toro: More patience for shaky cameras that’s for sure.

Bucky: I’m confused, is this scene with Boromir and Faramir attacking the Undead German Farm family a flashback or not? And- Oh ok NOW you check the creepy cellar? Great job securing the premises moron.


Bucky: *covers Toro’s eyes* It’s ok, he’s just strung up, no torturing.


Bucky: Ok, you can look. Now it’s a fist fight now between Boromir and Farmir. Because when you’ve released ancient Nazi evil and are surrounded by crazy farmers, getting into a fist fight with your brother is a good idea. ….. You know the random fighting reminds me of us.

Toro: Yup, solving who is the better soldier vie fist fights in the mud. How did we not get ourselves killed?

Bucky: My skills balanced your stupid.

Toro: Want to relive those fist fight days?

Bucky: HA! I’d like to see you -


Bucky: Ok ok movie off. I swear I didn’t know

Toro: Why did I let you talk me into this! We could have watched Dumbo

Bucky: No

Toro: Hugo?

Bucky: Nope

Toro: There are other things than horror and action you get that right?

Bucky: Hmmmmmm… Nope

Toro: You're impossible. Well it’s 3:00 am and I’m not going to sleep now want anything from the kitchen.

Bucky: Hotcakes?

Toro: Of course you want that.
Title: What’s Best For You
Character: Natasha
Rating: G
Word Count: 614
Notes: Alternative Ending to Winter Soldier 14:
PS: I’m not saying there aren’t problematic issues here, but they are ones I am aware of and intend as thinky points not cheap shocks -_-

Summery: Natasha takes matters into her own hands and makes a painful, but in her opinion necessary decision

What's Best For You )

And Now, My Thoughts on Issue 14
Given I jus wrote "Fix it" fic, you can guess I was less than impressed with Burbaker's ending to Winter Soldier.

I know I've talked about my general lack of happiness with the current Winter Soldier arc in that the plot amounted do
Play like some cheesy 80's music in the background and that's pretty much how this plot went.

Like seriously, Amy in the A-Team was less of a victim than Natasha has been in this arc. Natasha has been like the token female in an 80's cartoon level of "victim to give the guys something to do" and I've just not been moved.

SO the ending:
I had to restrain myself from twitting anger and resentment and Brubaker all night )

God I hope Kelly writes a fucking awesome Natasha in Avengers Assembled I need me some in charge, kicks ass, awesome Nat again.

And I hope in WS she punches Bucky a good one for trying to decide what is or is not done to her head FOR HER -_-
Fanfiction Round Up
Wow, ok so this year went by fast. I had so many fics I wanted to write and didn't even get through half of them. Much more Bucky/Toro, Toro/Anne, and Torch&Toro fics that I had in mind and they just never got written. Not much did; I was light on fics this year, but here's what I did get up :)

Super Dads and Baby Sarah Universe (Bucky/Steve & Adopted Daughter)
Going Home
After finishing up a mission and reporting to Nick Fury, Steve is finally free to go home and enjoy some time with his husband Bucky and young daughter, Sarah.
Lazy Afternoon
Steve and Bucky spend some down time with their daughter Sarah.
Simple Things
Slice of Life fic in which Steve has thrown a Halloween party and is enjoying the time with friends and family

A Change In Venue
The biggest shock and the most pleasant surprise of Bucky's post-Winter Soldier life is discovering that there were other men who liked to wear dresses
Giving Beyond Your Means
Steve's up to something. Bucky aims to stop whatever it is.

Torch and Toro Family Fics
First Time for Everything
It's the first time Jim realizes some of the problems that can come with living with a teenager and the first time Toro calls him pappy.
Natasha listens to Jim's messages while he is "indisposed" and learns of something that needs to be dealt with if Clint wants to keep a lid on everything that happened, especially to Jim.
Inside Looking Out
Jim isn't too keen on the use of Androids in the Alien franchise
To Mr. Scott Summers and Whomever Else it May Concern
Toro is fed up with the X-men and their attempt to have all mutants in their school
Cruel War
Jim never gave a second thought about Toro being his partner when they fought gangsters and hoodlums, but now as a battleship takes them closer to the Pacific Front, Jim begins to have his doubts.

Bucky/Toro Fics
Come Together, Come Apart
Moments in Bucky and Toro's lives that either brought them together or pulled them apart, or maybe as little of both.
Just To Be There
Letting everyone things he's dead means Bucky misses out on some pretty big changes in his the lives of his friends. So he puts his skills to use to at least do what he can.

Once Upon a Time
Just That
Jefferson has been trapped in his house, making hats and trying to get back to Grace for the last 18 years without anything significant changing. Then Regina shows up with a surprise and later a gift.
And once again, for those who do not follow My tumblr here's the roundup of Holiday artwork done this week :)

Days 10-16 )
Hello New Followers :) Welcome to my crazyness here (or on LJ if you're reading that).

I don't have a lot of fandom babble to post because I've been swamped with my Advent art (one piece of art a day- usually related to Fandom I love).
The Day by Day posts happen on my tumblr but I'm re-posting 'em here a week at a time.

So here we go, the first 9 (because I'm cnofused as to how many days in a weel it seems).

9 out of 25 Days of art )
I thought this deserved to be taken of tumblr. And yes, I verified it.


It's from a poll of the top 50 superheroes people want to have sex with. The man write his own comments here.

If you don't want to read the whole thing (at the very least don't read the comments). Buckycaps (on tumblr) collected some of the more sexist, misogynistic, sex-shaming gems:

“for those men that love rude bitches, [emma frost] the white queen is the way”
[on natasha romanoff, the highest ~debut] “considering she’s fucked half the guys in the marvel universe, that’s quite a feat”
[on elektra] she’ll “give you a nice, ninja-trained blow job”
[on black canary] “i used to think she was the hottest chick in the dcu, but then i remembered that she fucks green arrow”
[on dazzler] “a friggin’ great vagina”
[on kitty pryde] “i want to anally do her”
[on choice of art for jade] “i picked the one with the big tits”
[on batwoman] “i’m hoping for a dc-marvel crossover so that tony stark can turn her; she could also have sex with nightwing and still be a lesbian”
calls tigra ‘easy’ for no discernible reason along with calling stephanie brown that because she’s a single mother
says that he’ll blow a load onto jessica jones’ face so he doesn’t have to look at her
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( Nov. 26th, 2012 01:10 pm)
Well I updated my blogspot with some Widgets
Three Widget Sketches

I love doing those. I think they are partially born from all the time I spent watching The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits with my father. I love the creepy-something-is-not-right-here stuff :)

I'm trying to find a way to work these into my art convention a bit more. I need to get (I think) a stand up shelf behind me so I can display original framed art work, and get a credit card scanner to charge fairly for these paintings. I also need to finish more ^^

In none fandom news
I've started a little "series" so to speak called Super Dads and Little Sarah

It's based on a prompt from the [profile] bucky_kink meme asking for a fluff fic in which Bucky and Steve are married and have a kid. I enjoyed writing it so much, I've so far written more fics for that universe and probably will write other :)
Title First Time for Everything
Author [personal profile] ani_bester
Rating G
Characters Jim Hammond and Toro Raymond
Word Count 1288
Warnings NA
Notes This would take place not long after Toro came to live with Jim. I'm sorta splitting the difference between Golden and Silger age here when it comes to Toro's age, so maybe around 14.

Summery It's the first time Jim realizes some of the problems that can come with living with a teenager and the first time Toro calls him pappy.

First Time for Everything )
Over on the Invaders community on Livjournal, kiffie and eliyes have created a thing of GREAT AWESOME!

An Invaders Star Trek Crossover!

It is just... awesome. And I had to sketch for it.

Here we have:
Commander Peggy Carter. I debated the pants version or the skirt, and then just went for the skirt because I love the look.

Ensigns James Barnes (he’s Bolian in this crossover) and Thomas Raymond

Then LT. Sabuiki (I cna’t pass a chance to draw her and so happy this AU has her)

Then Lt. Jr Grade Jim (He’s a Horta in this, HOW AWESOME IS THAT) then just above Jim, a little scene between him a Thomas.

And finally we have Lt.Namor McKenzie and Captain Thor son of Ohdan house of Ohdan.

And really the Asgardians as Klingons is what just won me over in this AU. :D
I figured I should post these here!

Alex Ross sketches and my thoughts on them )

So yes, I love Alex Ross's art work, but not always so much his artistic choices XD

Still, I have three invaders based mini series thanks to his love of Golden Age stuffs. Quibbles aside, I'd rather have them than not have had them!
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( Nov. 12th, 2012 04:35 pm)
Just letting everyone know, I am trying to cross post between Dreamwidth and Livejournal as much as I can, but if you only want to follow one, I'm still making posts to Livejournal that don't always make it here.

And now eye candy:
Toro Raymond on the Cover to Invaders .. 19 I think. Not sure, but it doesn't matter.

Said it before, say it again, the boy needs a bigger fandom!
Title Grandfather
author Ani_Bester
Rating G
Characters Natasha, Toro
Word Count 2,698
Warning Spoilers for Secret Avengers #23
Notes Freya is from The Torch miniseries. She lives in the underground city of New Berlin, which is comprised of Horton Cell based people, but they will be burned alive if exposed to normal air. In the series, Toro expressed eagerness to see her again, and she very much wanted to see Toro again

Summery Natasha listens to Jim's messages while he is "indisposed" and learns of something that needs to be dealt with if Clint wants to keep a lid on everything that happened, especially to Jim.

Grandfather )
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( Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:12 am)
So, my [community profile] queer_fest fic, A Change in Venue, was about Bucky enjoying drag, which is something that's popped up in a few of my fics, so I jumped at the chance to fill this prompt (it's actually the only of the three that got filled).

But that prompt, along with a few other things, inspired me to draw the whole group of primary Invaders in drag.

The Larger Version )
Title Come Together, Come Apart
Rating PG
Characters Bucky/Toro
Notes This was done based on a writing meme I saw going around. Put your music playing device on random (or in my case I used one of my Pandora channels) and write ficlets for the songs as they come up. You've got the length of the song to write the fic in. Then post. Disclaimer here, I'm cheating. Trust me you guys WANT me to cheat. As anyone who as ever RPed with me, you do NOT want to read my raw writing. It's a typo-extravaganza. So I did what it said, but then edited them. I also a re-arranged the song order for better flow. In case anyone wanted to know, the original order was: White Rabbit, Kathy's Song, Time of the Season, Somebody to Love, Painted Black, Sound of Silence. And yes, Pandora clearly wants Bucky/Toro angst >.>
Summery: Moments in Bucky and Toro's lives that either brought them together or pulled them apart, or maybe as little of both.

Bucky stood away several feet away from where Toro sat like a statue on the ground  )

This was fun to write because I got to explor the idea I have that they are a rather enthusiastic (id desperate) couple during WWII, and then very awkward in modern day owing to how little they find they have in common outside of the setting of war.
Ok so over on Tumblr there was a post about the Invaders . Obviously I don't agree with everything (as y'all know I'm not a huge comics!Bucky/Steve shipper, though I can totally get why people ship 'em), but it was great to see something about the Invaders! :)

What I ended up responding to though, was the last bit about Toro/Anne because well I don't get to talk about one of my fave ships often and it was fun to defend and talk about :) I don't mean to convince anyone,so if you don't agree it's all good. I just wanted tolet the shipper feels out LOL

Of course Anne moved on: )

And that is so TLDR LOL. you see what happens when I get to talk about my ships XD
God forbid anyone give me reason to "defend" Bucky/Toro lol I'd be up all night.

This post btw, is brought to you by the MRSA infection in my face :(
severs pain is the reason I can't sleep and was up painting Jim/Namor, and then was online waiting for paint to try, and then saw the post on tumblr, and then inflicted my shipper feels on everyone. XD
Title Inside Looking Out
Rating G
Characters Jim and Toro
Warnings Minor Spoilers for Prometheus
Notes I did threaten to write this fic XD I added author comments to a second posted version because I was literally waiting for paint to dry; I hope you find 'em interesting.
Summery Jim isn't too keen on the use of Androids in the Alien franchise

Toro caught a glimpse of Jim, his red jacket standing out )

Fic with author comments )


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