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( Jan. 6th, 2013 11:39 am)
I was feeling nostalgic and went though all the Harry Potter art I've collected over the years from fellow fanartists.

This is some of the most special fandom related things that I own. Some of these artists are not even in this fandom any more or much active on the net, so this really is -for me- a collection of times gone past.


The artists here are (in no order sorry, and some people i have more than one piece by ^^)

Seviet (of the once -now gone), Tsbranch, Waccawheels, Sherant -now gone :(, Tealin -The first harry Potter fanartist I ever saw online :D,, Mary Danison - never been online Met at Witching Hour, Nimori, Makani, Glockgal, Fiendling -also left fandom, Nasubionna, Hill, Leela Starsky, Lunulet, Alchemy, Laverinth, Pennswoods, Karasu_Hime, Sun_chan, Hibiscus, Melisus



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