Saw the midnight premier of Hobbit Part II: Is it Over Yet?

I think it may have had another title, but this is what I’m going to call it because this was my major thought about half way through, though a close second was Oh god, they’re not gonna fight AGAIN are they.

Seriously, it’s not bad for a mindless action movie in which occasionally Martin Freeman is awesome, but this isn’t what I wanted from an adaptation of The Hobbit

But first the good. Martin Freeman as Bilbo is so good that it’s like he snuck into my head, saw how I heard Bilbo saying thigns and said them that way. His expressions are flawless. I could probably just watch Martin Freeman as Bilbo and be happy. He kinda saves the entire franchise for me, so well cast, well acted, and much applause. And of cours Ian rocks. This goes without saying. I also really enjoyed how they pulled from the Simirillion and other books to sort of pad out what Gandalf might have been doing whenever he dissapeared. That was nice.

And then there is everything else.
The Dwarves all act well but visually, my complaint from the first movie stands. The beards are awful and they don’t feel like Dwarves so much as small men, especially Thorin, this is a pretty epic fail point for me. Also the wood elves. They changed so much with that, and left out some key motivational issues and trumped up other ones and I just pretty much wanted to head desk the whole time.

The movie felt like one giant pointless fight after another.Seriously, it's filler. It was clearly filler, it was painfully filler. It got old and boring and tedious very fast. By the time the were fighting Smaug I FELL ASLEEP. I have NEVER fallen asleep at a movie before but I just could not take it anymore. There was nothing I was gonna miss eccept more of the same "epic" action that I'd been watching for the last two hours.

Speaking of tacked on filler. Legolas and Tauriel are the most pointless additions to a movie ever. I think I would have taken the addition of a mascot snail or something over those two. I cringed the entire time they were on screen. Also Legolas had extra fail as Bloom is so clearly MUCH older than when he did LotR that to rationalize it I have decided Legolas must be Merlin running about in Middle Earth -_- But seriously Tauriel as no development behind kiddie pool level stuff and they may as well have hung a “token female insert” sign on her. AND I KNOW HE CAN DO BETTER! He managed to make Eowyn and Arwen much bigger then they were in the book and not have it feel tacked on. Neither character needed to be in this movie.

In fact all that I did was after seeing the MASSIVE HUGE STUPID CHANGED just to please dudebros made to this story I am just all the more pissed that they felt like everything else can be changed and altered but god forbid any major character be anything other than white male. Any of Thorin’s company could be played by a woman with MUCH LESS impact to the story than any other stupid change they made had *twitch*

So it sorta underscored this Hollywood idea that nothing in a story is sacred except keeping white male characters white and male. That alone is sacred to studios.

I have much more specific complaints but they are all spoilers.

Anyway, currently I’m re-reading my graphic novel adaptation of the Hobbit to remind me people can do a decent visual adaptation of this book. My only complaint against the graphic novel is David Wenzel can’t paint Wood Elves for shit.

I’m on the verge of saying this movie isn’t worth more than a dollar movie price, but maybe it’s not quite that bad. But it certainly was not worth the midnight viewing loss of sleep I’m suffering right now -_-
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( Sep. 5th, 2013 03:45 pm)
Recently I rediscovered my love of anime/manga - well not so much the entire genre, but at least my old favorites:

Violinist of Hameln, Vampire Miyu, Yu Yu Hakushou, Samurai Troopers, Saint Seiya, and of course Sailor Moon.

I think I clearly like team books. The only one up there not a team book is Vampire Miyu and even she had a sort of team in the Western Shinma Invasion story. This probably bled into why I like the Invaders so much because really, they are essentially a sentai team :D

I also found out that there is Supernatural, Invaders, and Avengers doujinshi. Normally this would be bad for my pocket book except OMG!!!!!!
The cost from any american vender is INSANE some of this are almost $100 and wtf. I am not paying 100 for second hand doujinshi >.< I sincerely doubt you paid the original arts even half that AND I KNOW SHIPPING IS NOT THAT MUCH (I now also wonder if there is Once Upon a Time doujinshi that would horrify me into a coma. Because I'd love some sweet gen Once Upon a Time doujinshi).

Anyway, this re-found interest lead me to Animefest where I had a lot of fun and SERIOUSLY need to get a table there next year except for the small problem of being old and out of touch with anime which is the reason I have never gotten a table there before.

But it seemed like fun of I can cover the losses if there are some.
On the other hand it was also just fun to be a fan again and run around the dealers room.

And it's a very very very very very VERY good thing I don't have credit cards anymore because I was painfully reminded of why I have credit card debt to do this day ^^;;;;; ($10.00 a pieces for Sailor Moon manga, now I have to go, nope no cash. Back in the day, plastic came out).

And finally, in celebration, a collection of some older fanart from my anime fan days :D

Larger Images )
Wow, it’s just not a week day for me to be a fangirl. On the same day I find out about the DC awfulness I get hit with this:

Under here is me having a fan fit over the Recast Rumors OUat )

In funny news (to me anyway)
I told my husband last night that if he’s ever dragged off to a war to be used as cannon fodder, and he learns I have had a baby and also is sure he’s gonna die, I’m 100% fine with him crippling himself so that he can come home to me and the kid.

I said I wouldn’t hold that against him or and I promised I would not leave him for a Pirate over it XD

Being in fandoms lead to fun conversation LOL.


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