Hello Dreamwidth, here have lots and lots of Toro.
Toro makes everything better :)

Larger )
Fanfic and Fanart from the kinkier side :)

Title For Him and Her
Rating PG
Characters Ann/Toro
Word Count comment_Fic
Kinks Female dominant, honor bondage
Summery Toro will do anything for Ann's cookies

She smiled as she entered the room and found Tom right where she'd left him. )

Title Break from Ourselves
Rating (fic and art) PG
Characters Bucky/Toro
Kinks Pup-play
Summery Bucky works out how to help Toro unwind.

Drawing Toro closer against him so he could administer soothing belly rubs . . . )

And random fanart from a total AU scenerio
Title Don't Care
Rating PG
Characters Implied Toro/Ann/Bucky
Warnings Pup-play

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I think I've got other things but more later.
Also, I love Toro/Ann... I need to write more.= I like the idea that he tried to live a civilian life and that this woman married him even amidst all the mutant hysteria, knowing who and what he was. heck the entire 50's and 60's I think make for good fic ideas.

....and freaking gosh darn on Marvel for writing her off in the DUMBEST way ever (Hey Toro, you were married" "Yes but I don't think I'll go see her....the wimmin-folk get in the way of adventuring" (no he didn't say that but I 100% think that's what the Marvel editors think). Though given she and Jim hooked up in the 90's I can see where it would be an awkward reunion. Though given Spitfire, Cap, Namor, and the entire West Coast Avengers know Ann hooked up with Jim I assume someone will slip up around Toro- I need to get the actual comic to see if she and Jim married, so site's just say lived together, some refer to her as Ann Hammond later on and I can't tell if that's canon or a refusal to think a man and woman would live together outside of marriage.

Anyway, lots of babbling gotta go to work!


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