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( Dec. 29th, 2012 04:18 pm)
As I try to do each year, I included art with the Holiday Cards I sent out, so here is a run down of the art :)

I hope those of you who got these got an image you like (not everyone requested something, so I pulled stuff from interest lists ^^).


Larger Images )
And once again, for those who do not follow My tumblr here's the roundup of Holiday artwork done this week :)

Days 10-16 )
Hello New Followers :) Welcome to my crazyness here (or on LJ if you're reading that).

I don't have a lot of fandom babble to post because I've been swamped with my Advent art (one piece of art a day- usually related to Fandom I love).
The Day by Day posts happen on my tumblr but I'm re-posting 'em here a week at a time.

So here we go, the first 9 (because I'm cnofused as to how many days in a weel it seems).

9 out of 25 Days of art )
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( Jan. 12th, 2012 01:30 pm)
Now that Fandom stocking are long sense revealed (and I need to be able to get my home internet to work because I have WONDERFUL fanmixes I wanto DL gosh darn it. And I need to Thank people because I can't wait and I LOVE music!)

Anyway, this is 1 of 9 Fandom stocking fanart cards I made. I'll post ther est as I can get to it :)

And once again, it is time for my roundupd. This year I was busy busy busy with conventions and commissions. I did well over 250 pieces this year but I've only rounded up 204 to post. Many a work just did not get scanned ^^
I don't have the time to organize as much as I usually do so in no particular order what so ever I present:

Art Round Up for 2011

Original Art 21 pieces )

Some Convention Bookmarks 16 pieces )

Stickers 26 pieces )

Marvel Fanart 66 Pieces )

DC Comics Fanart 29 pieces )

Supernatural Fanart 13 pieces )

Other Fanart 14 pieces )

A Sampling of Sketchesc19 )

Fic Round Up for 2011

Fanfiction I was way down on this year... sorta. I did several unfinished anon pieces on the capkink memes, but I don't want to unanon those until they are done. Heck I'm also not posting the ones that weren't unknown until they're finished. So, here are the finished fics of 2011.

Fic: 11th hour Christmas, ,Marvel, poly, G
3 Sentence Fics Mutli Fandom, G
Saving the Buzz SPNDean/Cas, G
SPN, Horrors Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, G
Will You Still Need Me?marvel, Toro/Ann, G
Lead the WayMarvel, Steve/Jim, PG
Fishman DCU,. Roy, Lian, Garth, G
Ruminations on a Bad Hand, Marvel, Roger, Invaders, G
The One you Know Marvel, Bucky&Toro, G
Woman's Touch Marvel, G
First and Last ChanceMarvel,Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, Toro, Ann, G
The Simple Truth Between Us TwoMarvel, Toro/Ann, asexual, demisexual G
I'll Let Go If You'll Catch MeMarvel, Bucky,Steve. PG
It was a Quiet Day Howling Commandos, Steve, G
The Inevitable Consequence of Knowing Steve RogersMarvel, Bucky, Steve, Toro, Tony, Pepper ,Natasha, G
MemorialMarvel, Steve/Tony, G
Long NightCaptain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, G
Just a Day Captain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, G
CanvasCaptain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, R NWS
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( Dec. 29th, 2011 07:27 pm)

Gabriel playing Christmas pranks on Castiel :)
And yet another Christmas card insert. I have ummm four more of these I think.


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