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( Jan. 15th, 2014 02:01 pm)

Merman Clint
a commission from North Texas Comic Book Show that I'm sharing here because everyone should appreciate the idea of merman Clint.

In fact I vote this becomes the next Hawkeye Meme LOL.

Larger Images Under Here )

Morning everyone, It seems I'm running out of room for my old art, which means I need to clear some out, so I figured I'd put a few pieces up for sale.

If you are interested in any of these please email: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

1 Bucky/Steve Hogwarts AU
Watercolor on Computer Paper 8X11 $15.00

2. Peter/MJ
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

3. Damien Yelling at DC
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

4. Natasha/Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $15.00

5. Batgirls
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

6. Girl!Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $5.00

7. Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

8. Jason and Damien
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

9. Steve/Bucky
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 5X7 $10.00

10. Steve/Tony
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 5X7 $10.00

Shipping is 2.00 Domestic and 4.00 International (I'm sorry! The US Post Office increased their rates for art).

Payments Accepted:
Check via mail (art sent out upon receipt of payment)
Cash via mail (art sent out Upon receipt)
Fanart based on the prompt Hogwarts AU over on the Steve/Bucky fest

I love this prompt so much. It was a great combination of me fandoms :D
As for the houses, Steve standing up to all those bullies seems to me very Gryffindor. And Bucky just struck me as a Hufflepuff, especially in the movie-where he told Steve he following the kid from Brooklyn who didn't know when to stand down.
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( Jun. 13th, 2013 04:06 pm)

I love Bucky's expression here. It's sorta a "you can't watch me forever," look.
I used to think my art style had NO CHANCE as a major comic style. I'd heard the put downs before. Too cute, too girly, not main stream etc etc etc

Well . . . Skotti Young is doing phenomenally for Marvel and maybe . . . maybe I should get a portfolio together . . . .

Things to ponder.

I've just always felt like I didn't want the small and cute to be seen as ALL I could do, but I don't know why I should literally sit on something I'm good at just because I'm worried it will box me in. I can always unbox myself later.

Granted he's a male, so I'm sure his style has more artistic merit than a woman's style, amirite?

Cute (but badly scnaned) sketched
scanned is being nice. These were scanned on a text only scanner, sent to myself as a PDF, then I took a screenshot of that and edited it in paint. All because I forgot my phone!!

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( May. 28th, 2013 08:48 pm)
A warm up sketch of Renner-Hawkeye before I sketched my little brother.


And my little brother

(and HEY! if anyone wanted to commission a cartoonish watercolor sketch like the above, this is about a 30.00 commission give or take complexity.)
Title: DC and Marvel Present: The Expendables
Rating: G
Characters: Toro Raymond, Cassandra Cain, Rikki Barnes, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne
Medium Watercolor and digital
Notes This crossover poped into my head and it was too majusing to let go. I'd honestly read this fanfic. And also include Mia, Conner, Anya, and Cassandra Lang :)

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Or View it on Tumblr
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( Dec. 29th, 2012 04:18 pm)
As I try to do each year, I included art with the Holiday Cards I sent out, so here is a run down of the art :)

I hope those of you who got these got an image you like (not everyone requested something, so I pulled stuff from interest lists ^^).


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The last of the Holiday Countdown art :
But never fear! More art will be comking up in a bit. I've got a Christmas Day sketch to post, the master post of all the card-art I sent out, some fest art (when I can post) and then because I'm crazy I'm doing art for The Twelve Days of Fandom. Maybe....

Days 18-25 )

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a bright New Year ahead.

btw: we had a white Christmas

I KNOW!!!!
And once again, for those who do not follow My tumblr here's the roundup of Holiday artwork done this week :)

Days 10-16 )
Hello New Followers :) Welcome to my crazyness here (or on LJ if you're reading that).

I don't have a lot of fandom babble to post because I've been swamped with my Advent art (one piece of art a day- usually related to Fandom I love).
The Day by Day posts happen on my tumblr but I'm re-posting 'em here a week at a time.

So here we go, the first 9 (because I'm cnofused as to how many days in a weel it seems).

9 out of 25 Days of art )
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( Nov. 12th, 2012 12:26 pm)
Trying to remember to cross post fanart XD

I drew a Bucky/Natasha picture of them having funtimes in bed.
It's NWS due to topless Natasha, but really aside from that it's a pretty harmless. If it were up to me, I'd say this was G too, because I see nothing mind warping in a woman's breasts, but society says this is PG-13

Playful: PG-13 but still NWS )
Crayola Watercolor
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( Jul. 2nd, 2012 07:12 am)
So, my [community profile] queer_fest fic, A Change in Venue, was about Bucky enjoying drag, which is something that's popped up in a few of my fics, so I jumped at the chance to fill this prompt (it's actually the only of the three that got filled).

But that prompt, along with a few other things, inspired me to draw the whole group of primary Invaders in drag.

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( Jun. 8th, 2012 12:29 am)

Bucky sketch done during break at work and uhh yes, I painted it with coffee. Proof btw, that the work coffee is EXTREMELY watered down!!

This was meant as an illustration for a fic I never wrote, where Steve was drawing Bucky during down time. I was going for “things Steve could have painted with” and coffee seemed much more likely than actual paints.
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( Jan. 19th, 2012 07:36 am)
Title A Kiss
Rating G
Characters Bucky/Toro

Yes This is my favorite ship right now.
Oh dear gosh I'm so behind on getting fanart up on my journals (and on tumblr, I'm behind on everything!)

These were two fun little doodles that I finished last night. Of course they are not related to anything I'm supposed to be doing! Both of these are Copic Marker.

If your're going to be brainwashed by communists and used as a weapon against your own coutnry, it may as well be with a friend, right? This is actually a fill, for an anon who requested Winter Soldier and Toro waaayyy back when, when I said the first 5 people to give my prompts would get art. I'm just now getting to those ^^

And Spitfire, because she's freaking awesome and I missed her in the Captain America movie. If they want to do any more WWII period superhero movies, I'd love one about her, Brian, and Roger. I mean the british sort of fought in WWII too, right Hollywood?
And once again, it is time for my roundupd. This year I was busy busy busy with conventions and commissions. I did well over 250 pieces this year but I've only rounded up 204 to post. Many a work just did not get scanned ^^
I don't have the time to organize as much as I usually do so in no particular order what so ever I present:

Art Round Up for 2011

Original Art 21 pieces )

Some Convention Bookmarks 16 pieces )

Stickers 26 pieces )

Marvel Fanart 66 Pieces )

DC Comics Fanart 29 pieces )

Supernatural Fanart 13 pieces )

Other Fanart 14 pieces )

A Sampling of Sketchesc19 )

Fic Round Up for 2011

Fanfiction I was way down on this year... sorta. I did several unfinished anon pieces on the capkink memes, but I don't want to unanon those until they are done. Heck I'm also not posting the ones that weren't unknown until they're finished. So, here are the finished fics of 2011.

Fic: 11th hour Christmas, ,Marvel, poly, G
3 Sentence Fics Mutli Fandom, G
Saving the Buzz SPNDean/Cas, G
SPN, Horrors Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, G
Will You Still Need Me?marvel, Toro/Ann, G
Lead the WayMarvel, Steve/Jim, PG
Fishman DCU,. Roy, Lian, Garth, G
Ruminations on a Bad Hand, Marvel, Roger, Invaders, G
The One you Know Marvel, Bucky&Toro, G
Woman's Touch Marvel, G
First and Last ChanceMarvel,Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, Toro, Ann, G
The Simple Truth Between Us TwoMarvel, Toro/Ann, asexual, demisexual G
I'll Let Go If You'll Catch MeMarvel, Bucky,Steve. PG
It was a Quiet Day Howling Commandos, Steve, G
The Inevitable Consequence of Knowing Steve RogersMarvel, Bucky, Steve, Toro, Tony, Pepper ,Natasha, G
MemorialMarvel, Steve/Tony, G
Long NightCaptain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, G
Just a Day Captain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, G
CanvasCaptain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, R NWS

And still more Christmas Card insert art (I have a few more). In this case, Winter Soldier. I think he came out just perfect ^__^

Just some studies of Toro and Gwenny (The Second Golden Girl)

I realize that is not Gwenny's outfit. I don't like her "oh look she's Japanese so put her in a really short low cut yukata" I don't know it bugs me. To me it come soff as the writers being thoughtless sand stereotypical rather than a characterization point where she is showing of pride in nationality. The costume design I have here, however, is crap. I know that ^^


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