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Morning everyone, It seems I'm running out of room for my old art, which means I need to clear some out, so I figured I'd put a few pieces up for sale.

If you are interested in any of these please email: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

1 Bucky/Steve Hogwarts AU
Watercolor on Computer Paper 8X11 $15.00

2. Peter/MJ
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

3. Damien Yelling at DC
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

4. Natasha/Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $15.00

5. Batgirls
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

6. Girl!Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $5.00

7. Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

8. Jason and Damien
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

9. Steve/Bucky
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 5X7 $10.00

10. Steve/Tony
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 5X7 $10.00

Shipping is 2.00 Domestic and 4.00 International (I'm sorry! The US Post Office increased their rates for art).

Payments Accepted:
Check via mail (art sent out upon receipt of payment)
Cash via mail (art sent out Upon receipt)
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( May. 22nd, 2013 11:17 am)
Ok, I missed a month while trying to make sure I got all my commissions done AND prep for the Dallas Comic Con, but this month I'm on target and I have my website updated:
(I try to update the third week of every month).

My three favortie new pieces :D

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Title: DC and Marvel Present: The Expendables
Rating: G
Characters: Toro Raymond, Cassandra Cain, Rikki Barnes, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne
Medium Watercolor and digital
Notes This crossover poped into my head and it was too majusing to let go. I'd honestly read this fanfic. And also include Mia, Conner, Anya, and Cassandra Lang :)

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Or View it on Tumblr
Fanart #1
Title Big Brother Hugs
Rating G
Characters Jason Todd and Damian Wayne
Medium Watercolor and ink

Have I mentioned this fanart is spoilery? )
Or you Can View it on my tumblr

Fanart #2
Title Hey, wait!
Rating G
Characters Damian Wayne
Medium Watercolor and ink

Have I mentioned this fanart is spoilery? )
Or you Can View it on my tumblr
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( Dec. 29th, 2012 04:18 pm)
As I try to do each year, I included art with the Holiday Cards I sent out, so here is a run down of the art :)

I hope those of you who got these got an image you like (not everyone requested something, so I pulled stuff from interest lists ^^).


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The last of the Holiday Countdown art :
But never fear! More art will be comking up in a bit. I've got a Christmas Day sketch to post, the master post of all the card-art I sent out, some fest art (when I can post) and then because I'm crazy I'm doing art for The Twelve Days of Fandom. Maybe....

Days 18-25 )

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a bright New Year ahead.

btw: we had a white Christmas

I KNOW!!!!
So there's been a lack of art recently, mostly because I'm working on fest art, which can't be posted, or portrait commissions, which also can't be posted.

However, to destress, I did a quick watercolor pictures.
have some cuteness in your day:

And once again, it is time for my roundupd. This year I was busy busy busy with conventions and commissions. I did well over 250 pieces this year but I've only rounded up 204 to post. Many a work just did not get scanned ^^
I don't have the time to organize as much as I usually do so in no particular order what so ever I present:

Art Round Up for 2011

Original Art 21 pieces )

Some Convention Bookmarks 16 pieces )

Stickers 26 pieces )

Marvel Fanart 66 Pieces )

DC Comics Fanart 29 pieces )

Supernatural Fanart 13 pieces )

Other Fanart 14 pieces )

A Sampling of Sketchesc19 )

Fic Round Up for 2011

Fanfiction I was way down on this year... sorta. I did several unfinished anon pieces on the capkink memes, but I don't want to unanon those until they are done. Heck I'm also not posting the ones that weren't unknown until they're finished. So, here are the finished fics of 2011.

Fic: 11th hour Christmas, ,Marvel, poly, G
3 Sentence Fics Mutli Fandom, G
Saving the Buzz SPNDean/Cas, G
SPN, Horrors Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, G
Will You Still Need Me?marvel, Toro/Ann, G
Lead the WayMarvel, Steve/Jim, PG
Fishman DCU,. Roy, Lian, Garth, G
Ruminations on a Bad Hand, Marvel, Roger, Invaders, G
The One you Know Marvel, Bucky&Toro, G
Woman's Touch Marvel, G
First and Last ChanceMarvel,Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, Toro, Ann, G
The Simple Truth Between Us TwoMarvel, Toro/Ann, asexual, demisexual G
I'll Let Go If You'll Catch MeMarvel, Bucky,Steve. PG
It was a Quiet Day Howling Commandos, Steve, G
The Inevitable Consequence of Knowing Steve RogersMarvel, Bucky, Steve, Toro, Tony, Pepper ,Natasha, G
MemorialMarvel, Steve/Tony, G
Long NightCaptain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, G
Just a Day Captain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, G
CanvasCaptain America:TFA, Steve/Bucky, R NWS

This was one of my holiday card art inserts this year :)
Here is my piece for the silent auction Thursday night, benefiting The Hero Initiative

Larger Image )

Here's the info on what I'm doing Thursday.

Lone Star Comics Dallas
What: Comic Artists will be sketching and selling prints, we'll have live music, and there will be a live art and silent auction benefiting the Hero Initiative.

Who: Artists Andrew Mangum, Michael Champion, Katie Crenshaw, and others, with music by Gallery Cat and Here, In Arms.

When: Thursday, October 28th from 8:30pm to 1:30am

Where: City Tavern
1402 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201

I hope I'll see some of you all there!
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( Oct. 14th, 2010 07:24 am)

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Dick as Superman and Little pre-Robin Tim dressed as Robin.
[personal profile] glymr commissioned art for her fanfic What He Wanted To Say. The ficlet is too adorable for words and I had so much fun with this! It really played to my art strengths I think (seriously check out the fic it's under 300 words and well worth the time it takes to read!)
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( Sep. 4th, 2010 01:28 am)

I can not even begin to express my annoyance at DC for killing Garth and his family *sigh*

Umm anyway, baby harness! For keeping track of your kids in a world where they can just float away LOL

one of 6 illustrations I did for Suki_Blue's awesome comicbigbang fic "No Guiding Light".

And by far, my favorite
Lots of little random watercolor chibi doodles! yay!
(Note: the last one will spoil Blackest Night #2)

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