And once again, here is the yearly art round up. I clocked in over 323 works of art (that counts the 75 in the Widget book, even though I could only post 9). That does not, however, count all the portrait commissions I couldn't post, or con sketches I forgot to photos, or sketches I never posted, or art I can't find. So more than likely I did, on average, at least on piece of art per day in 2013 0.o

I am very proud!!

Anyway, here they are!




Con Sketches

Bookmarks (Some of them anyway)







My coloring book- all the pages

The Book of Widgets: 9 of 75 pages

ani_bester: (Toro Flaming)
( Dec. 26th, 2013 10:57 am)
Welp, if you were not following the (mostly) Daily Art Advent posts on my tumlbr, here is a round up of all 25 pieces :D

Larger Images )

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day :D :D
I know I did!!
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( Dec. 29th, 2012 04:18 pm)
As I try to do each year, I included art with the Holiday Cards I sent out, so here is a run down of the art :)

I hope those of you who got these got an image you like (not everyone requested something, so I pulled stuff from interest lists ^^).


Larger Images )
Hello New Followers :) Welcome to my crazyness here (or on LJ if you're reading that).

I don't have a lot of fandom babble to post because I've been swamped with my Advent art (one piece of art a day- usually related to Fandom I love).
The Day by Day posts happen on my tumblr but I'm re-posting 'em here a week at a time.

So here we go, the first 9 (because I'm cnofused as to how many days in a weel it seems).

9 out of 25 Days of art )

Larger Version )

Thought I’d show off the work place. Here’s a photo of what I shall call "my fine tuning station".

In other words, I'm far more of a traditional artist than a digital artist, so this isn’t really my art creation spot, but jsut about anything I put up online gets tweaked in photoshop either a lot (borders, backgrounds, text etc) or a little (color corrections, etc)

As you can see I’ve sorta got some favorit characters. And this is not even near all my cap/invaders/Bucky stuff, just what on my desk :D

Actually my favorite character is Toro Raymonds (you all know this XD), but he's not got much out there for him. I don't even think he usually is included in Invader group toys.

In other news:
I've started my holiday Countdown. I am to get one work of art done per day ("day" is flexible) until Christmas. These always hit Tumblr first and then I may or may not post them here in any kind of timely manner ^^;;

So if you want to see these as they go up:


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