My sticker set for the Sci-Fi Expo LADIES OF SCI FI!
Uhura, Sarah Conner, Ivanova, Starbuck, and Martha are all new for this set.

OMG, it was so hard to choose, there are so many awesome ladies in Sci-Fi! I wanted to keep this down to 9 as my groups are usually 7 or 9, but again, OMG. This was agonizing.

Those on the list of consideration that didn’t make it were Sheba, Janeway, Crusher, Donna, Carter, Athena, and Mako. Janeway and Crusher lost to Uhura, who I felt represented not just Star Trek but a huge Sci-fi milestone. Sheba represented another TV milestone (first woman of Sci-Fi TV to be allowed by the network to be shown in combat), but I didn’t think many people would know her. Donna lost to Martha because I needed more WOC, especially after I choose Starbuck over Athena (IMHO she is more strongly connected the two BSG’s and I’d just cut Sheba). Carter lost out because her look was too close to Starbuck’s and yes, I mourn the lack of Startgate up there. Mako didn’t make it because I sketched both her and Sarah Conner and the Conner chibi was the better drawn of the two. Mako always looked a bit … off. Mako will hopefully appear in a print though one I work out what’s going wrong with my drawing of her!

So yup, right now, this are for the con only, but they will be sold individually through my website after Feb 10th.
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( Sep. 5th, 2013 03:45 pm)
Recently I rediscovered my love of anime/manga - well not so much the entire genre, but at least my old favorites:

Violinist of Hameln, Vampire Miyu, Yu Yu Hakushou, Samurai Troopers, Saint Seiya, and of course Sailor Moon.

I think I clearly like team books. The only one up there not a team book is Vampire Miyu and even she had a sort of team in the Western Shinma Invasion story. This probably bled into why I like the Invaders so much because really, they are essentially a sentai team :D

I also found out that there is Supernatural, Invaders, and Avengers doujinshi. Normally this would be bad for my pocket book except OMG!!!!!!
The cost from any american vender is INSANE some of this are almost $100 and wtf. I am not paying 100 for second hand doujinshi >.< I sincerely doubt you paid the original arts even half that AND I KNOW SHIPPING IS NOT THAT MUCH (I now also wonder if there is Once Upon a Time doujinshi that would horrify me into a coma. Because I'd love some sweet gen Once Upon a Time doujinshi).

Anyway, this re-found interest lead me to Animefest where I had a lot of fun and SERIOUSLY need to get a table there next year except for the small problem of being old and out of touch with anime which is the reason I have never gotten a table there before.

But it seemed like fun of I can cover the losses if there are some.
On the other hand it was also just fun to be a fan again and run around the dealers room.

And it's a very very very very very VERY good thing I don't have credit cards anymore because I was painfully reminded of why I have credit card debt to do this day ^^;;;;; ($10.00 a pieces for Sailor Moon manga, now I have to go, nope no cash. Back in the day, plastic came out).

And finally, in celebration, a collection of some older fanart from my anime fan days :D

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