This was a for a Marvel halloween Fest I took part in last year, which loved!

Halloween In Bed
Gift For: [personal profile] milleniumrex
Rating: G
Pairings/Characters: Bucky/Kate, Patriot, Wiccan, Teddy, Stature
Prompt: "Prompt 2: Young Avengers/Captain America, Hurt/Comfort; a training injury ruins Kate's Halloween plans, so Bucky brings Halloween to her. I'd like Bucky/Kate in a pre-existing relationship. Horror movie snark is always a plus, too. :)

Summary: The Young Avengers are all set to go out for Halloween, when Bucky points out Kate can't and they are not going to exclude her. Nobody argues with Bucky.
This comic is intentionally without words. At the time, I thought it would be cute that way, like an old silent movie


Halloween in Bed )


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