ani_bester: (BAS Huzzah)
( Nov. 3rd, 2014 11:48 am)
Sam drill as every year!

If you’d like a card, respond in the comments below with:
1. The Name you want on the card
(and if you are anon because you don’t have an LJ account, could you list the name I would know you by if it’s different from the name on the card ^^)
2. The address I should send the card to
3. List of things you’d like a quick sketch of (if you want)

And if you are sending out cards, let me know :)
Exchanging cards with all of y'all is always a yearly highlight!

Only I will see them.
Christmas Cards!

Hello hello!
Sorry for the earliness but next few months look like this:

So I need an early jump start on cards this year.
Same as all other years if you want a card from me, leave your address in the (screened) comments below, and if you want a sketch, let me know of what(no preference default sto Christmas Fairies :D)

And that's it!
And if you are planning to send some out, let me know because I love love love getting cards around Christmas time as much as I love to send them out!


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