Title Pay Back
Rating G
Characters Bucky and Toro
Ships It's gen, but I mean it could be shippy up to you
Word Count 1,744
Notes This is based on something my dad did to me. Thanks dad.

Summery Bucky isn't feeling well and Toro could be a good, supportive friend, or he could pay Bucky back a bit for all the pranks pulled over the years. Hard choice, right?

Bucky wasn't pale because he'd been spending too much time covered nearly head to toe in a costume but because a simple virus had done what so many super villains had failed to do, laid Captain America low )
Re-post of something I put on marvel_slash a bit ago

Title Dormant
Rating G,
Fandom/Characters Bucky and Toro in the Modern age, references Bucky/Toro
Warnings None
Summery Bucky and Toro feel their way around each other now that they are both alive in the 21st century.
Aurthur's Notes Marvel listed one of Toro's abilities as being "able to raise the ambient temperature of the air" I took some creative license with that when thinking of grown up ways he could use his powers.

Unable to watch his stubborn ass of a friend freeze any longer, Toro concentrated on warming the air around Bucky )
ani_bester: (Bucky-Toro Brothers in Arms)
( Aug. 1st, 2010 01:17 pm)
Originally Painted: 1/20 and 1/23 2010

Title Adjust
Rating G
Character Toro
Notes wanted to draw a companion Toro, really umm not much. I am very surprised the cool color scheme worked so well. I kinda think of this as the companion to he Bucky pick I did and I didn't want them both to be warm. Wasn't sure cool would work for Toro, but it did.

Toro )

Title Torn
Character Bucky Barnes
Rating G
Notes A quick watercolor sketch of Bucky done during my work breaks. I enjoyed painting this and think it came out rather well for what it is.

Read more... )


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