My sticker set for the Sci-Fi Expo LADIES OF SCI FI!
Uhura, Sarah Conner, Ivanova, Starbuck, and Martha are all new for this set.

OMG, it was so hard to choose, there are so many awesome ladies in Sci-Fi! I wanted to keep this down to 9 as my groups are usually 7 or 9, but again, OMG. This was agonizing.

Those on the list of consideration that didn’t make it were Sheba, Janeway, Crusher, Donna, Carter, Athena, and Mako. Janeway and Crusher lost to Uhura, who I felt represented not just Star Trek but a huge Sci-fi milestone. Sheba represented another TV milestone (first woman of Sci-Fi TV to be allowed by the network to be shown in combat), but I didn’t think many people would know her. Donna lost to Martha because I needed more WOC, especially after I choose Starbuck over Athena (IMHO she is more strongly connected the two BSG’s and I’d just cut Sheba). Carter lost out because her look was too close to Starbuck’s and yes, I mourn the lack of Startgate up there. Mako didn’t make it because I sketched both her and Sarah Conner and the Conner chibi was the better drawn of the two. Mako always looked a bit … off. Mako will hopefully appear in a print though one I work out what’s going wrong with my drawing of her!

So yup, right now, this are for the con only, but they will be sold individually through my website after Feb 10th.
Welp, I filed as an official business so now I've got to pay a federal income tax on my art. My art is now funding war and a corrupt and destructive banking model. Joy.In which I elaborate that sentence and give my thoughts on Federal and State Taxes )

And if you read all that, wow.
Have a picture of Cecil to lighten the mood again!

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( Jan. 15th, 2014 02:01 pm)

Merman Clint
a commission from North Texas Comic Book Show that I'm sharing here because everyone should appreciate the idea of merman Clint.

In fact I vote this becomes the next Hawkeye Meme LOL.
Ok, so I had a disasterous art show in November, and the Dallas Comic Con hit everyone up for full payment super early, so I find myself drained and facing the possibility of not being able to pay for my website AND needing to cancel a convention appearances because I won't be able to pay for the table -_-

So to raise money, I am offering up original artwork I've done over the years :)
Also I am selling prints for $5.00 here:

Original Art For Sale

Larger versions AND Marvel art under here! Marvel art is under a cut because there is a picture of topless Fem!Toro that is NWS )

Everything is 5X7 crayola watercolor on Canson sketch paper (a few are on 5X7 Strathmore watercolor paper but there's no big differnece).

Priced as marked (either 10 or 15)
Plus 1.50 shipping and handling US
Plus $3.00 shipping International.
The one of Steve showing art to his mom is $15, and the portrait of Garth (Aqualad) is $10. Sorry, not sure where those prices went!

If you’d like to buy one, please e-mail
First come, First serve! (Also, I do have a convention this weekend where these will also be for sale, so if you really want one, ask before 1/11/2014!).
A while back I made a harry Potter coloring book and ever since then, I've wanted to do an original one (and see if maybe my local comic place might put it on the shelf XD).

So now I'm going for it!
Here is a preview of some of the art that will go into the coloring book I will be making to sell. :)

6 pieces are from the Harry Potter coloring book I did but were original enough to be used for this, 3 are totally new for this, and the last 5 are re-drawings of older pieces for this book, which was fun to see how my style changed.

And now, feedback wanted as I brainstorm Projects
that said as I work on creating a coloring book i also found that I want to to do a fadomy one too.

I am debating between doing a only Steve/Bucky coloring book, a Bucky coloring book (so lots of just Bucky and various Bucky ships), or just a general fandom coloring book (Marvel, DC, SPN whatever I wanted to put in it). All would be PG-13 rated and I’d make it free to download because I don’t need to be sued by Marvel or anyone else XD

Would there be interest? And if so what is the preference? Steve/Bucky, more Bucky and Bucky ships, or general fandom things.
Ok, can I like quit my job and lock myself in a room and produce nothing but Pacific Rim fandom fusions? Because I think that's what my mind wants to do.

Here's an art piece I'll never have time to do!
Supernautal/Pacific Rim fusion
On the top left I would have Dean and John and the Jauger Michael
On the top right I would have Sam and Mary and their Jaeger Lucifer
And Top middle Ellen and Jo and their Jaeger (I have no name for it)

And in the middle you’d have Bobby looking like the bad ass commander surrounded by Garth, Cas, Gabe, and Balthazar looking like research,tech people.


And the Fanfic/fan comic I'll never have time to write/draw
Scene 1:
Open with Bucky talking about the Kaiju (they showed up in ‘43 and redefined “World War”) and the Jaeger(built with a combination of Atlantean and Human tech) and how when he and Steve were recruited he assumed he wouldn’t drift with anyone but Steve (maybe singing Door’s break on through- anachronism, but there are Giant robots and monsters so who cares)
But pilot is Toro- Bucky questions and is told to STFU (Fury to Toro: is you name Rogers? No Sir, Well then Barnes, it looks like Rogers is not your co-pilot)
Don’t forget to introduce Jackie and Brian.

At lunch complaining to Steve, introduce Peggy, Bucky approves but she’s not him
Toro talking with Jim but not revealed yet
Jackie and Brian phoning into Roger

If you can’t be co-pilots compete! Montage of Steve-Peggy vs Bucky-Toro in a friendly who can take down the most Kaiju competition, and also afterwards, lots of drinking, sleeping, and jolly making- Hint at Toro overheating a few time (we noticed he looked sick, but we had no idea what was coming).

Scene 4
Big fraking Kaiju so Bucky/Toro sent out with Jackie/Brian as backup.
Toro begins to overheat, runs from his jaeger before he can set fire to the cockpit.
Bucky freak he can’t pilot alone, J/B are losing to the Kaiju.
Steve want to help –told they can’t risk a third Jaeger, Steve is all “but you can risk me, I can drift with Bucky trust me”

Scene 5
Steve gets into the Jaeger IDK how magic action movie science
They save J/B team and both teams take out the big Kaiju but Oh noes! It raises again
And then is burned to a crisp by Toro.
There is much rejoicing.

End scene, Bucky talks about how humanity itself seems to evolved to fight the Kaiju (ie: mutants, probably show Toro, someone who might be Wolverine, Magneto), but for him he’ll take a good old fist fight over superpowers anhyday (Jaeger punching a Kaiju in the head).
End with him talking about how Peggy stayed on with Steve, but he got a new pilot and she’s gonna give him a run for his money (show Natasha)

Seriosuly it sucks, but I have 5 conventions and an art show coming up between Octboer 1st and November 30th, so I pretty much can't do any major art or writing projects unless I can justify it as Convention/Commissions or Fireflies related -_-

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( Jun. 24th, 2013 09:29 pm)
I got Galactic Dust Bunnies updated. Not a lot of art was added, and actually the main update isn't up yet and probably won't be until next month or so.

I'm redesigning the page feel free to check out the beta page and give me feedback.

I'm excited about the redesign!!


and I need to go print out a Tardis so I can finish a painting :D

Happy mid-way throught the week everyone. Have a random mermaid sketch :D
(also just FYI, I am open for commission again, the above would be 10.00)
I used to think my art style had NO CHANCE as a major comic style. I'd heard the put downs before. Too cute, too girly, not main stream etc etc etc

Well . . . Skotti Young is doing phenomenally for Marvel and maybe . . . maybe I should get a portfolio together . . . .

Things to ponder.

I've just always felt like I didn't want the small and cute to be seen as ALL I could do, but I don't know why I should literally sit on something I'm good at just because I'm worried it will box me in. I can always unbox myself later.

Granted he's a male, so I'm sure his style has more artistic merit than a woman's style, amirite?

Cute (but badly scnaned) sketched
scanned is being nice. These were scanned on a text only scanner, sent to myself as a PDF, then I took a screenshot of that and edited it in paint. All because I forgot my phone!!

For Fun

Leave a Fandom in the Comments and I'll tell you
•Favourite Female:
•Favourite Male:
•3 Other Favourite Characters:
•3 OTPs:
•Funniest character:
•Prettiest character:
•Most Annoying Character:
•Most badass character:
•Character I’d like as my BFF:
•Female Character I’d Marry:
•Male Character I’d Marry:
•Character I hate/dislike/least like

And now some nostalgia.
I painted both of these Narnia pictures back in 2005 - one for fun and one as a commission (still fun though)

Edmund and Peter "You Beast"

Jadis: The White Witch

Larger versions )
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( May. 28th, 2013 08:48 pm)
A warm up sketch of Renner-Hawkeye before I sketched my little brother.


And my little brother

(and HEY! if anyone wanted to commission a cartoonish watercolor sketch like the above, this is about a 30.00 commission give or take complexity.)
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( Apr. 5th, 2013 11:19 am)
Ugh, I’ve got such a case of the MEHS that it’s awful. I forced myself to be productive last night and ignore the urge to be a lump on the couch again-doing nothing but watching TV and reloading tumblr (that’s been what I’ve done this whole week when not at work).

I can make myself push through this feeling (I used to all the time at college. I don’t have a medical condition and a bad case of the “I don’t wannas” is not a good reason not to have art done by the deadline), I just don’t like it.

But I got thumbnails worked up for most of the prints I want to have for the upcoming convention.

My goal by Monday (or I pay Ellyr_in_ink 5.00) is:
1. Sketches for 4 of the 5 prints I want to do.
2. Blank bookmarks cut

We'll see how it goes :D
I finally got around to updating the website:

Not gonna lie, if you are a regular follower there won’t bee too much you haven’t already seen, but at least the site is up to date :) I did pull some old art down. I’ll probably be pulling a few other pieces later on. I’m also looking to retire some of the prints (some just I feel like retiring others have nearly hit their print run limit).

I’m closed for new commissions at this time (I’m working on some, and I’ve got one at least that I need to poke the person about as they pre-paid for future work which I cna do now). But no ones I have to stay closed for at least a little bit more

You can still find lots of prints and bookmarks and stickers (and even a sketchbook and coloring book!) to buy at my store :D

And that’s it!
As always, thank you everyone for your support ^__^
Here re the spot illustrations for the next Fireflies Short Story (to be posted soon!). Apologies for getting behind on that! Virus’s attacked, and work, and paying commissions -which need to go first ^^

Hopefully this peeks interest in the upcoming short story :)

Large versions )

Verryyyy proud of these. And hopefully they do the short story justice of the short story does them justice not sure which.

on another note, remember how I've said Wendy Pini was an early influence. Yeahhhhhh………
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( Feb. 12th, 2013 01:18 pm)

Anyone want bookmarks? :D

Out of about 30 bookmarks I took to the convention, these are the one's that I did not sell so they are now up for sale in my store.  

If anyone is interested in one, shoot me an e-mail at (please e-mail, don't comment, it's easier to keep track of who asked for what first that way) They are 5.00 + 1.00 shipping (it's 1.00 shipping no matter how many you buy).
The convention went wonderfully!
Sadly, my phone decided the SD card would be wonky so I couldn't take any photos :(

It was swell though. I met lots of enthusiastic fans, got to be an enthusiastic fan all over Adam Hughes and George Perez (who is the nicest man EVER). I didn't quite make it to meet Bruce Boxleitner and was a little dissapointed there, but ah well. Hopefully he will be back soon ^__^

And happily, I made enough money to book a table at the upcoming Dallas Comic Con in May. I am also looking at possibly doing an Arkansas convention and a convention in North Carolina! So that's exciting, and I hope it goes through.

Also, I actually managed to get up from the table a bit and meet some peoples. One really nice thing about the Dallas Cons is that IMHO they have a FANTASTIC Small Press presence. Just really awesome. For me, this gives these cons a really unique flair because you get these smaller artists that you don't get everywhere also, and the talent is always great.

Some of the Awesome Small Press peoples )

And so now, I'm updating the webpage, gettin bookmakrs mailed to the escapade convention, working on two commissions I got from the con and yup, things are going well.

And oh yes, I am open for commissions again :D
Gotta make sure all my social media thingies reflect that!
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( Feb. 8th, 2013 02:16 pm)
I got all the new prints printed off, plus the old ones re-stocked:
New prints

Larger Version )

And the bookmarks are done and most printed. I had to go buy sticker paper, but I've got it and I'm ready to finish up, and then [personal profile] ellyr_in_ink will help me cut them out. I've got the new prices sheet done, new business cards printed, all the original art framed and ready to be put up, annnddd yup looks good.

Still want more than 9 new bookmarks, but I can make more tonight if there's time. If not, that's how it goes. I waited too long this time and then got sick. You know how it goes, you procrastinate and then SOMETHING hits you at the last minute making it near impossible to get all you wanted done ^^

Anyway, Elly and I are about to head off to Irving to set up the backdrop and such. YAY!
Here are some WIPS for new prints and booksmarks I'm hoping to have done byyyy Saturday (though you illness of doom for making REALLY sure I was behind. Like I wasn't already -_-)

larger Image )

I'm pretty excited about the Caprica print, and the SPN one. I'm all nervous about ruining them at the last minutes. I wish traditional media had a "undo" button ^^;;;; So for very happy with my bookmarks though :D

I think I'm also going to bring the following as prints:

Not sure what all the funds will cover as new prints, but we will see.
AND AN! I will be selling original widget paintings! VERY EXCITED :D
I had a fantastic night last night at the at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Dallas. I was there because Tbranch invited me and my art was accepted for show :) Turned out to be a wonderful wonderful event, though I didn't get as many photos as I wanted.

Photos )

And in none art news, I just learned this:
The Guardians of Childhood, which will present the histories of such childhood icons as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and the Easter Bunny. The series will consist of 13 books—seven chapter books and six picture books

I've tread the two picture books, and I'm nearly done with St. Nicolas North, and you know, they are charming and awesome and I love them and I wish I had a child to read them too.

In not as good news, I'm sick -_-
details:It was worse than I thought )
Guys, a dear friend of mine and a wonderful artists is offering up commissions at a CRAZY low price.

If you've got some spare monies, please help him out.
He's got two ebay listings:

The Color Auction

And the Black and White Auction

And just whet your appitate more, you can see more at his art LJ and more on his tumblr

See, well worth the money biding!


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