Ok, so I had a disasterous art show in November, and the Dallas Comic Con hit everyone up for full payment super early, so I find myself drained and facing the possibility of not being able to pay for my website AND needing to cancel a convention appearances because I won't be able to pay for the table -_-

So to raise money, I am offering up original artwork I've done over the years :)
Also I am selling prints for $5.00 here:

Original Art For Sale

Larger versions AND Marvel art under here! Marvel art is under a cut because there is a picture of topless Fem!Toro that is NWS )

Everything is 5X7 crayola watercolor on Canson sketch paper (a few are on 5X7 Strathmore watercolor paper but there's no big differnece).

Priced as marked (either 10 or 15)
Plus 1.50 shipping and handling US
Plus $3.00 shipping International.
The one of Steve showing art to his mom is $15, and the portrait of Garth (Aqualad) is $10. Sorry, not sure where those prices went!

If you’d like to buy one, please e-mail kcrenshaw.designs@gmail.com
First come, First serve! (Also, I do have a convention this weekend where these will also be for sale, so if you really want one, ask before 1/11/2014!).
And once again, here is the yearly art round up. I clocked in over 323 works of art (that counts the 75 in the Widget book, even though I could only post 9). That does not, however, count all the portrait commissions I couldn't post, or con sketches I forgot to photos, or sketches I never posted, or art I can't find. So more than likely I did, on average, at least on piece of art per day in 2013 0.o

I am very proud!!

Anyway, here they are!




Con Sketches

Bookmarks (Some of them anyway)







My coloring book- all the pages

The Book of Widgets: 9 of 75 pages

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( Dec. 30th, 2013 11:06 am)
This morning while I was making my oatmeal, my mind went back to that awful comment from the Disney animator. You know the one about how animating female characters i hard because you have to have expression and keep them pretty (which I guess is why Elsa, Anna, and Repunzel pretty much look the same)?

Obviously that didn’t go over well, especially given the movie was already taking flack for dropping the majority female cast from the original story (Grandmother, Robber girl, Sorceress) in favor of snowmen, raindeer and a boys. However most of the responses I saw were centered around either showing other animation companies (or just Pixar) that had managed diverse and expressive females that still looked pretty and/or talking about the narrow definition of pretty that had to be at play here.

Well, my mind jumped to this.
To heck of the female character is traditionally pretty.
We lost a lot of female supporting cast and I'm wondering if the animation issue wasn't part of it. But why? Sidekick characters in Disney movies usually are typical looking at all. In fact they are often tiny short men, or crazy snowmen or talking fish, or talking clocks etc etc etc. And then I realized . . .

between this quote and dropping the majoirty of the female supporting cast suggestions that anything in the world can be a heroic sidekick character EXCEPT a woman who might not be seen as traditionally pretty. That’s apparently the one thing they can’t have as a back up character.


Side note, it's honestly getting harder and harder for me to enjoy Disney movies. They feel more and more like faux empowerment.
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( Dec. 26th, 2013 10:57 am)
Welp, if you were not following the (mostly) Daily Art Advent posts on my tumlbr, here is a round up of all 25 pieces :D

Larger Images )

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day :D :D
I know I did!!
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( Dec. 19th, 2013 01:55 pm)

Gonna take a moment from the fandom fun to promote a cause very dear to me.

Meet Honor Flight.

This NOT-for-proft organization flies Veterans to see the monuments honoring them that otherwise many would be unable to see. Honor Flight not only provides the air fare, but also, free food, free shirts, free lodging, and they have a volunteer nurse staff (my mother did this) so there is care for the elderly at all times.

My grandfather went on one of these trips (in fact he's in the top photo) and I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to him, and to all of us, that he was able to do this, and I would hope that every vet who wanted to go on this trip coudl do so. Sadly though, that's not the case.

All of this 100% volunteer and donation funded and because they don't always have funds, there is a waiting list. At this point, we are losing over 1,000 vets a day, and many die while on the waiting list never getting to go on this trip in their honor.

So, if you have some spare money please, PELASE consider donating and helping a vet make this trip while they still can.

And if you can't donate, please reblog and spread the word. They are looking to make 50,000 and right now just broke 7,000 :(

No it's not going to solve world hunger, no it's not going to provide homes, but these people went through something I can't even imagine and IMHO it's a good cause and one of those small things that you can do to make someone's life that much happier.

Thank you for checking this out and if you choose to donate, thank you so so SO MUCH!

And ok, all that said, I will now go back to posting about fictional WWII vets. ^^;;;

Lots of people have wondered how Regina’s curse plucked Jefferson out of Wonderland and dropped him into Storybrook because in Season 2 we learned that The Curse didn’t even affect all of the Enchanted Forest, let alone another realm.

So maybe it didn’t.
Maybe Jefferson did finally get the magic hat to work and simply followed Grace to Storybrook, which is why the curse didn’t remove his old memories. If that was the case, than perhaps it wasn’t some odd mechanism of the curse that locked him in his house, but rather Regina. They did show some minimal magic existed (perhaps it could even be an extension of the curse that she worked to affect him by keeping him from his daughter). Regina would certainly not want someone with their true memories running about.

Just a though, but it makes more sense to me and seems more consistent than the idea that the curse grabbed Jefferson from Wonderland but for some reason left Cora, and well as Mulan and everyone else who were just nearby 0.o

LOL Sorry, I’m having Jefferson feels today.
The whole mid-season ending of Once Upon a Time gave them to me, along with several tumblr blog pointing out that Sebastian Stan should actually have some room in his schedule now so hopefully maybe he’ll return as Jefferson to either Once Upon a Time or Once Upon a time In Wonderland (will not so much return but show up there).
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( Dec. 17th, 2013 11:15 am)
I am once again doing this :D Hopefully I have time for lots and lots and lots of ficklets and sketches. I will do what I can!

My stocking is here if you are taking part!

and if you are, drop a comment here with a link to your own stocking!
Saw the midnight premier of Hobbit Part II: Is it Over Yet?

I think it may have had another title, but this is what I’m going to call it because this was my major thought about half way through, though a close second was Oh god, they’re not gonna fight AGAIN are they.

Seriously, it’s not bad for a mindless action movie in which occasionally Martin Freeman is awesome, but this isn’t what I wanted from an adaptation of The Hobbit

But first the good. Martin Freeman as Bilbo is so good that it’s like he snuck into my head, saw how I heard Bilbo saying thigns and said them that way. His expressions are flawless. I could probably just watch Martin Freeman as Bilbo and be happy. He kinda saves the entire franchise for me, so well cast, well acted, and much applause. And of cours Ian rocks. This goes without saying. I also really enjoyed how they pulled from the Simirillion and other books to sort of pad out what Gandalf might have been doing whenever he dissapeared. That was nice.

And then there is everything else.
The Dwarves all act well but visually, my complaint from the first movie stands. The beards are awful and they don’t feel like Dwarves so much as small men, especially Thorin, this is a pretty epic fail point for me. Also the wood elves. They changed so much with that, and left out some key motivational issues and trumped up other ones and I just pretty much wanted to head desk the whole time.

The movie felt like one giant pointless fight after another.Seriously, it's filler. It was clearly filler, it was painfully filler. It got old and boring and tedious very fast. By the time the were fighting Smaug I FELL ASLEEP. I have NEVER fallen asleep at a movie before but I just could not take it anymore. There was nothing I was gonna miss eccept more of the same "epic" action that I'd been watching for the last two hours.

Speaking of tacked on filler. Legolas and Tauriel are the most pointless additions to a movie ever. I think I would have taken the addition of a mascot snail or something over those two. I cringed the entire time they were on screen. Also Legolas had extra fail as Bloom is so clearly MUCH older than when he did LotR that to rationalize it I have decided Legolas must be Merlin running about in Middle Earth -_- But seriously Tauriel as no development behind kiddie pool level stuff and they may as well have hung a “token female insert” sign on her. AND I KNOW HE CAN DO BETTER! He managed to make Eowyn and Arwen much bigger then they were in the book and not have it feel tacked on. Neither character needed to be in this movie.

In fact all that I did was after seeing the MASSIVE HUGE STUPID CHANGED just to please dudebros made to this story I am just all the more pissed that they felt like everything else can be changed and altered but god forbid any major character be anything other than white male. Any of Thorin’s company could be played by a woman with MUCH LESS impact to the story than any other stupid change they made had *twitch*

So it sorta underscored this Hollywood idea that nothing in a story is sacred except keeping white male characters white and male. That alone is sacred to studios.

I have much more specific complaints but they are all spoilers.

Anyway, currently I’m re-reading my graphic novel adaptation of the Hobbit to remind me people can do a decent visual adaptation of this book. My only complaint against the graphic novel is David Wenzel can’t paint Wood Elves for shit.

I’m on the verge of saying this movie isn’t worth more than a dollar movie price, but maybe it’s not quite that bad. But it certainly was not worth the midnight viewing loss of sleep I’m suffering right now -_-
A while back I made a harry Potter coloring book and ever since then, I've wanted to do an original one (and see if maybe my local comic place might put it on the shelf XD).

So now I'm going for it!
Here is a preview of some of the art that will go into the coloring book I will be making to sell. :)

6 pieces are from the Harry Potter coloring book I did but were original enough to be used for this, 3 are totally new for this, and the last 5 are re-drawings of older pieces for this book, which was fun to see how my style changed.

And now, feedback wanted as I brainstorm Projects
that said as I work on creating a coloring book i also found that I want to to do a fadomy one too.

I am debating between doing a only Steve/Bucky coloring book, a Bucky coloring book (so lots of just Bucky and various Bucky ships), or just a general fandom coloring book (Marvel, DC, SPN whatever I wanted to put in it). All would be PG-13 rated and I’d make it free to download because I don’t need to be sued by Marvel or anyone else XD

Would there be interest? And if so what is the preference? Steve/Bucky, more Bucky and Bucky ships, or general fandom things.
I just wanted to make sure everyone had heard about an important TOS change in google.

Google is going to start using your face and name in adds

For me, they can't, because me user profile in google is a Steve Rogers icon from a million years ago and I've never put any infor on my profile. I still opted out of this though.

If you don't opt out (opt out link is in the news reprot I linked to) the default is that you want this to happen. And IIRC it applies to google plus, google play, ou tube etc.

so yeah :/

In happier news:
I'm still taking sign ups for Christmas Cards :D
(If you can't see the link, it means you aren't on my LJ F'list. Just poke me and I'll add you).
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( Nov. 1st, 2013 06:37 am)

large version under here )

hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween :D
I drew this in honor of the Girl!10th Doctor that I mistook for Castiel at the Comic Book City Con because I failed to note her tie color and shoes ^^ … In all fairness to me though, she was with a Sam and a Dean.
Can I get a quick second of help? I was working on something and I’m totally stuck.
What Disney character would you most associate Tony Stark with?

And don’t say Tony Stark. I know. But it doesn’t help me ^^
I had either Naveen or Audrey (from Atlantis), but I feel like there might be a better match (or at least one less likely to get the idiotic end of the SJW brigade down on me because OMG Tony is white and I have him dressed up as non-white character for Halloween. Nooo I’m not dumb enough to do brown-face in the art, but the costume alone is enough for some to raise a stink on tumblr and I don’t need that just over some for fun Halloween art).

So if anyone has any other suggestions for Tony for Halloween based on a Disney character (animated or note because Coulson is Mary Poppins), let me know :D


Go it! All thanks to cruixe_chan :D :D :D
Christmas Cards!

Hello hello!
Sorry for the earliness but next few months look like this:

So I need an early jump start on cards this year.
Same as all other years if you want a card from me, leave your address in the (screened) comments below, and if you want a sketch, let me know of what(no preference default sto Christmas Fairies :D)

And that's it!
And if you are planning to send some out, let me know because I love love love getting cards around Christmas time as much as I love to send them out!

Larger Images Under Here )

Morning everyone, It seems I'm running out of room for my old art, which means I need to clear some out, so I figured I'd put a few pieces up for sale.

If you are interested in any of these please email:
kcrenshaw.designs@gmail.com FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

1 Bucky/Steve Hogwarts AU
Watercolor on Computer Paper 8X11 $15.00

2. Peter/MJ
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

3. Damien Yelling at DC
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

4. Natasha/Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $15.00

5. Batgirls
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

6. Girl!Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $5.00

7. Bucky
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

8. Jason and Damien
Watercolor on Sketch Paper 5X7 $10.00

9. Steve/Bucky
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 5X7 $10.00

10. Steve/Tony
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 5X7 $10.00

Shipping is 2.00 Domestic and 4.00 International (I'm sorry! The US Post Office increased their rates for art).

Payments Accepted:
Check via mail (art sent out upon receipt of payment)
Cash via mail (art sent out Upon receipt)
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( Sep. 5th, 2013 03:45 pm)
Recently I rediscovered my love of anime/manga - well not so much the entire genre, but at least my old favorites:

Violinist of Hameln, Vampire Miyu, Yu Yu Hakushou, Samurai Troopers, Saint Seiya, and of course Sailor Moon.

I think I clearly like team books. The only one up there not a team book is Vampire Miyu and even she had a sort of team in the Western Shinma Invasion story. This probably bled into why I like the Invaders so much because really, they are essentially a sentai team :D

I also found out that there is Supernatural, Invaders, and Avengers doujinshi. Normally this would be bad for my pocket book except OMG!!!!!!
The cost from any american vender is INSANE some of this are almost $100 and wtf. I am not paying 100 for second hand doujinshi >.< I sincerely doubt you paid the original arts even half that AND I KNOW SHIPPING IS NOT THAT MUCH (I now also wonder if there is Once Upon a Time doujinshi that would horrify me into a coma. Because I'd love some sweet gen Once Upon a Time doujinshi).

Anyway, this re-found interest lead me to Animefest where I had a lot of fun and SERIOUSLY need to get a table there next year except for the small problem of being old and out of touch with anime which is the reason I have never gotten a table there before.

But it seemed like fun of I can cover the losses if there are some.
On the other hand it was also just fun to be a fan again and run around the dealers room.

And it's a very very very very very VERY good thing I don't have credit cards anymore because I was painfully reminded of why I have credit card debt to do this day ^^;;;;; ($10.00 a pieces for Sailor Moon manga, now I have to go, nope no cash. Back in the day, plastic came out).

And finally, in celebration, a collection of some older fanart from my anime fan days :D

Larger Images )
I am working on a few small fixer-upper jobs around this site. I don't like the borders around the art, so over time you'll see those disappear. More importantly though, I'm moving removing some of my older art (or art I'm just displeased with). Some of the galleries were a bit over crowded and on this site I went to put my best foot forward (If you want to see every crazy -sometimes awful- sketch I do, join my my tumblr).

Convention season is going into full swing and I'm busying working on new prints, stickers, and bookmarks.

Below are the 17 newest bookmarks inked and awaiting coloring and a portion of the sketch for a new print!

New Art

Commission Info
Status: Open

Upcoming Shows
Dallas Fan Day 0ct 4-6th
North Texas Comic Con Oct 19th
Comic Book City Con Oct 26-27
Pancakes and Booze Nov 15th
North Texas Comic Con Nov 30th

Visit the The Widget Blog

In personal life updates. I'm using myfitnesspal.com to try and improve my health so I'm in better baby having shape because I am now actively trying to get pregnant. So. Yup there's that.

Don't tell my mom!
Women Combat Pilots of WWII
(note this is not mine, I'm promoting it becausse I want to see this done!)

SO FAR IT IS NOT MEETING IT'S GOAL AND There Are less then then 25 hours left!!

The proposal:
In WWII only the Soviet air force put women in combat. If they fell into German hands the consequences were too awful to think about.

WWII American, British and German women flew aircraft from factories to the squadrons, taught other pilots to fly, or worked as test pilots.

None of them saw combat.

In the Soviet Union they did things differently.

The Soviets had the "Night Witches". A regiment of women pilots who terrified German troops by bombing them at night. They would swoop in silently, in the cover of night, with their engines turned off, drop their bombs, start their engines and get away as fast as they could. A lot of them were killed in action.

They also had bomber pilots attached to predominantly male squadrons and fighter pilots - some of whom were very successful.

Soviet Women Pilots

They struggled to get into the Soviet air force to begin with and once in they faced great difficulty overcoming the unsympathetic attitudes of their male compatriots. And if they came down, and ended up in German hands, the consequences were too awful to think about.

These were very brave and determined people and I want to include them in my body of work on WWII pilots - which so far is all male.

I want to find as many of these women pilots as I can, meet them, interview them and photograph them in the "then and now" style I have used with my male WWII pilots (I have photographed* and interviewed 24 WWII pilots in six countries).
A quick doodle of a personal favorite character of mine from the original story I'm working on.

This is Shield.

I adore her.
Assuming this story ever gets published and ends up with a fandom, I don't expect her to be very popular though. :/ (She turns down advances from another character resulting in things going bad and I notice fandom tends to blame female characters for saying no to a cute male lead, rather than blame the male characters for being batshit insane -_-)

But I like her lots. She's the reason the rebelling exists, but she's over cautious and his happier to maintain rather than attack. She is one of two characters whose human past matters because she recalls it and it affects her she handles things.

Lots of fey assume her general sadness and depression is over the loss of her loved one when the Clubs are decimated by the hearts, but it's more because she entered the fey realm fleeing from the Conquistadors amidst the destruction of her home and family, and now –in a place meant to be a safe haven- she had to watch the invading hearts destroy her new home, kill her loved ones and destroy her culture all over again. Traumatizing doesn’t begin to cover it, and it makes her wary to take the hearts on in any kind of direct confrontation because the risks are so high.

Despite all that though, she holds it together and keeps the rebel fey safe and counters attacks when they come. She also holds the loyalty of the Jester –insane though he is- and lot sof little fey (sprites) which is useful. More over, she's smart enough to see the strength others have to offer, eventually, and a good teacher- which is important in her relationship with Smoke (a lead male character) :)

So yeah I like her lots, and doodled this because she’s a prominent character in the chapters I’m working on right now


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