Hey everyone, I hate to say this but I may not be able to keep up my blog much here.

See one of the downsides if adulthood is not having lots of time when I get hone, so most of my blogging is done during breaks at work. Well work changed their blocks and now well I cant access my f'list on Tumblr or LJ, but I van at least access my own blog.

However, DW is 100% blocked. I can't access my blog or my flist.

Mobile apps get me around the flist for Tumblr and LJ, but I haven't found a functional one for DW. The ElJay app let's me update by mobile, but I cant see my DW flist on it. But also it is very very hard for me to make posts via phone, especially long ones with art. I am not that good at mobile typing, and I just don't have time or patience for it. :(

So for all the above reasons I in all likelihood I wont udate here much, mist of my updates will be on Tumblr or LJ for the forseeavle future.

Hopefully this will get sorted out and I can be more active here again.
brightknightie: Nick using a large paintbrush and a can of yellow paint on his abstract rendition of his beast (Art)

From: [personal profile] brightknightie

I've tried to friend you on LJ now, but they're slower than rocks uphill tonight. :-) I'll try again tomorrow if it doesn't go through.

(BTW, when I do DW or LJ on my phone, I just use Chrome browser... it works!)

From: [identity profile] princess-schez.livejournal.com

What's your Tumblr name? I'll look you up there.

Adulthood sucks, I tell you, lol.

From: [identity profile] ani-bester.livejournal.com

yes yes adulthood does! Though actually this was an accidental crosspost. My LJ I am trying to keep more active, it's just DW I am having issues with.

and on tumblr I am Katiecrenshaw (my art blog) and ani_bester (my fandom blog).

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