Welp, I filed as an official business so now I've got to pay a federal income tax on my art. My art is now funding war and a corrupt and destructive banking model. Joy.

For non USA peoples. We have three major taxes from the Federal Gov. Social Security*- which pays for the elderly and I'm fine with that. Medicare- which pays for poor people and I'm fine with that, and Income, which was suppossed to pay for other gov. programs but now just pays for the interest we owe the Fed and our wars, and they still claim it pays for other things but it seriously does not (we borrow money for those other things. So yeah not happy on that one).

*Technically Social Security pays for wars too as the reason it's bankrupt is the military used the "untouchable" money meant to help aging American for wars, and now there is no money and fuck them. But in theory it's for the elderly so I'd rather not protest that tax and instead pass a law that makes even writing legislation to divert SS funds for any other purpose punishable by death. Or something equally drastic.

And yes right, SS and medicare are not really taxes, but that's semantics. They are you just can't legally call them that.

Anyway so it just annoys me that I'm going to loose about 300 out of every 1000 and see no practical benefit AT ALL!! This isn't oh pay taxes and get a good police force (becasue they aren't paid for at a fed. level) or good Firefighters, or roads, or ANYTHING ELSE. Not even good health care! It's oh pay taxes and watch it go into a giant money hole so we can kill people with even greater weapons. *sigh*

. . . .

I also have to pay state sales tax but as that actually helps things in my area I'm not as fussed over that. It's all the things and pays for all the thigns the Fed taxes don't. It's just annoying in that I either pay a lump sum at the end or my prices go from nice neat $1.00, $5.00, $15.00 etc to $1.08, $5.40, 16.02

And as I'm not doing change, I'll be doing the lump sum of annoyances each quarter.

And if you read all that, wow.
Have a picture of Cecil to lighten the mood again!

From: (Anonymous)

LOL I guess I can look at it as a good thing that I am expeanding enough to need to let the Gov know LOL

And yes! I'm drawing some Night Vale. I want to draw lots of Night Vale, but I can't at the moment because of convention work I need to do. I think I'm on ep 11 or so. . . . Poetry day was the last thing I heard and I love it.

From: [identity profile] nasubionna.livejournal.com

Congrats on being an official art business now, but I am totally there with you on the pain of taxing to fund our wars and other bullshit. What an amazing difference could be made if we spent all that money on helping our citizens…. sigh.

From: [identity profile] ani-bester.livejournal.com

Pretty much *sigh* Or if you know, we controlled our own money and were not paying interest on . . . our own money. 0.o

I totlaly get why there are protests against taxes, and I really feel like the whole reason the media plays it off as "the only people protesting taxes are rich people and jerks who don't want to help the poor" is so people don't pay attention to the fact that high, yeah there is actually an issue here.

Because seriously, if any store ever acted the way our gov. acts, they'd never get a dime from me again.

And now I can't even say 'welp at least I'm funding NASA" as they had to privitize!

So yeah. It's frustrating and more so because I don't really see what I can do about it except take a risk and not declare this income, which is like tossing a stone in an ocean to build a bridge. That and it limits the amount of conventions I can do, as 90% of the Texas Cons won't let you set up without proving you have a Texas Sales Tax license, and to get that, I have to declare myself as a buisness to the IRS >.>


On the other hand, one step closer to making art my job job rather than my side job :D

From: [identity profile] cathybites.livejournal.com

It always drives me nuts when people complain about their taxes paying for things like welfare or food stamps because all I can think is, 'fuck that, I don't want my taxes to go to WAR.' I mean, seriously, get your priorities in order, people.

From: [identity profile] ani-bester.livejournal.com

Oh god I know.
Stupdi people get the angry Bucky icon :D

That and people who- when I complain about the Federal Income tax are like "durrr don't you like roads and police"
Like complaining about a specific tax being misused and put primarily into war is the same as complaining about ALL taxes.

Like I said, I'm down with the Texas sales tax. I think it help a lot AND AND AND EVERYONE PAYS IT!!!! I want to smack people on the head who complain about illegals who don't pay for the aid the get in Texas. gjlsakhf;slfjs

We don't have a state income tax. We have a state sales tax. Ad also property tax. I don't pay an income tax to support Texas schools, or roads, or police, or anything either!No one does! *sigh* (and actually many illegal residents do pay income tax as it helps with the whole not getting caught if you look legit on paper. Every Foreign student I knew in college who worked illegally filed with the IRS and paid into it).

There is so little education about taxes and what they actual do and what we actually pay for and so many people just lump them all together 0.o


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