Hey everyone, out of concern for the bottomline -oh I’m sorry- the artists- Deviantart has decided not to provide small prints anymore on the ground -as far as I can tell- that we artists are too stupid to know what’s good for us and why would anyone want a small print anyway?(interesting to me that they are eliminating only the prints they have low profit on compared to the artist profit margine ANYWAY).

So the point is, I’m about to loose most of my prints on DA, and some - like that MWPP print- will be gone for good because the original sold and my high quality scan was lost in the great computer crash of 2008.

So!! Check out my DA print page if interested:

This is gonna be the last chance to buy many of the prints there, especially at the size and price listed on DA.

Example of Prints You Can Buy Off DA for sometimes less than $5.00!!


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