Man 2017 is making 2016 look like no problem at all.
It's only March and on a personal level it's been much harder.
Jan was the final loss of my dad's shop. Everything must go, it's gone now. No more dreams of ever taking that over. Mid fed he sold almost all of what is in storage.

My cousin on the other hand bought a lot of our stuff to open HIS own comic store. So to say I am jealous and frustrated is an understatement.

Then my grandfather became *extreme* right after Valentin's Day. Septic infection, pneumonia in both lungs. And at 91, I spent most of the time thinking this was it. He's recovered for now, thank god, but it left me drained.

Then after all that I'm right up against my two biggest conventions this year, All-Con and Fan Expo, with nothing new to show for it.

*head desk*

I have gotten some drawing done now, and working on more, but it's just . . . it's hard because for the first time in forever, my fandom interests do not line up with what will sell (except Voltron). I just want to draw all the Bucky/Toro fanart and UK Brothers Hetalia fanart, and that's pretty much my art motivation. so yeah, that's kinda hard. I'd honestly like to move away from fanart a bit, or at least not be so dependent on it, but OMG the non Comic/Anime shows are *expensive*

And after all that, let me show you the art I am most proud of from 2016 that I would like to keep doing in 2017:


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