As has become my tradition, here's my favorite of all art memes.
If you do this one, let me know ^__^

The End of Year Art Meme: (warning, image heavy)

Favorite drawing this year (of my own)
Texas and Florida in space, and I got to draw an alligator in a space suit. And I got this signed by NASA scientists lfhasfdhsfldsfjds SCORE!!!

My best drawing this year:
So multiple combined, but I think this Nation vs Nation strips was one of my strongest State of Disunion pieces, adn one of my best overall pieces this year.

Most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
I LOVE MAKING THIS! I amused myself to know end and I think it is HUGELY clever. And everbody thought it as cute and notable and funny AND NOT WORTH BUYING. :( I had to give these away to friends to kill inventory.

Most Fun to Draw
I had a blast drawing England with Soot Sprites :)

Sexiest Drawing:
I really did not do sexy this year. But I think the Yui On Ice fandom would consider this sketch of Yurio my sexiest. LOL

Another contender is the last of my advent art, which I meant to be my office Christmas Card, and decided against it because I did feel she was a bit too risque for HR.

holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" drawing
I really didn't do much of this either. But let's go for this sketch that implies Bucky's imminent death ^^;;;;

Drawing that shifted my own perceptions of the characters
This doodle cemented that I was going to have Minnesota and Michigan as a couple (don't want to say Lesbian couple as Minn is, but Mich is Bi). I had been toying with the idea, but now I'm gonna do it!

Hardest drawing to do
I drew Chirssy as the Ghost of Christmas Past (in an outfit by Alexander McQueen, one of her favoties designers). This was emotionally hard to do, but I am glad I did it. I had wanted to give her an art tribute for a while now.

Art I'm Most Proud of
Two portraits. It had been a LONG time since I had done portrait work, and I was super happy to get back to it, and proud that I was still able to.

Art I'm Most Disappointed with
I really wanted this to be amazing, but it ended up muddy in places and rather flat. I've always been disappointed with this one.

Biggest Artistic Surprise
I made costumes 0,o From scratch! I have never done that before!!

Most telling drawing:
So I have begun to use England(and occasioanlly Toro) doodles on post it notes to vent my frustrations with my job. Most of these relate in some way to actual things going on, though sometimes abstractly.

A Picture I want remembered
SPACE MERMAIDS! I hope to do a lot more with these in the coming year :)


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