And once again I celebrate the first second day of the New Year with me favorite art meme :D

The End of Year Art Meme: (warning, image heavy)

Favorite drawing this year (of my own)
Aughhh man, I am so so so terrible at picking favorites. I gotta go with this comic series though because I was so GOSH DARN PROUD that I got it done. :)

My best drawing this year:
This one of Amy Pond. I think it is technically awesome, it came out exactly as I wanted it to, and people will by it without even knowing who she is or liking Doctor Who. It just came out IMHO wonderfully, and the fan reaction as backed up me opinion, so that was added bonus.

Most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
I thought this was pretty gosh darn funny. Nobody else seemed as taken with it though. Though granted it is just a work doodle, so maybe if I put more into it . . . .

Most Fun to Draw
I giggled to myself the ENTIRE time I drew this. Chrissy told me no one would ever believe I didn't do drugs LOL

and it's sequel (I played with animated gifs this year! yay!)

Sexiest Drawing:
I like the looks Nevada and California are giving each other here. I think it came off very sexy :)

holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" drawing
Ummmmmmmm . . . . ummmmm 0.o I made fun of people's problems at Dashcon . . . .

Drawing that shifted my own perceptions of the characters
I never considered myself able to draw X-Files fanart before this . . . I guess that counts. I didn't have any big character revelations this year.

Hardest drawing to do
This was a professional commission from the USBC. They wanted me to create a pin for a charity event that fit there theme of "We get by with a little help from our friends." I've never done something totally computer graphic based like this, nor have I done something committee based, so it was an interesting first all around for me and I had a lot of first time doing something struggles. In the end though, everyone was happy!

Art I'm Most Proud of
This entire preview ashcan booklet! It was just a joy to make and I can't believe I got it all done and everyone just loved it!

(some inside art_

(this was in black and white in the booklet. I colored it later)

(This was on the page talking about Hetalia and if I had heard of it XD)

Also though, this one came out better than I ever could have hoped or expected.

Art I'm Most Disappointed with
This did not come out at ALL like I wanted :/ Probably my least favorite piece this whole year.

Biggest Artistic Surprise
I can not beleive the sheer popularity of this one. Nothing like that has ever come close.

Most telling drawing:

A Picture I want remembered
I really love this joke, and just in general, I hope the State of Disunion does will and is memorable :)


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I will vomit on everything you love.

Okay, this is my new favourite expression. Actually, the whole Ebola series is fantastic (that can really be taken the wrong way out of context).

Congrats on a productive year.
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There's an ebullience about the small-child states that's winning. And funny, oh yes.

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