Ok, so this only took since 8:30 this morning XD
I managed to wrangle up 337 pieces of art that I did this year :) (not counting some unrecorded con sketches, gosh knows how many bookmarks, and lots and lots of stickers). 2014 was a pretty crazy year for art projects.

Over the last year, I have been working on a webcomic to premier in 2015; I co-wrote a book and submitted it to a publisher; I made a book of my art and father's poems (being revised and edited now),and made two sketchbooks and an INvaders fanzine!! I also expanded the conventions that I have tables at, and hopefully that trend continues into 2015!

This year, rather than post them all on LJ, I did a webpage, so you can see everything here:

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This TOS/AOS crew assembly is my favorite of the year! It's so much fun, and so characteristic of each individual. I like the "frame" structure against the background and the not-to-scale Enterprise very well, too.

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Thank you so so much! That is one of my favorites too and I am considering hanging the original in my house :) I was really glad it all came out like I imagined. The border was actually the last thing to be added in the original sketch.Otherwise I just though it all looked too disconnected. :)

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Happy new Year to you too!

I thought so! I was pretty happy at all I got done. Now if I can just get the poetry book finished up (Dad is really excited about it. I gave him one of the proof copies for Christmas- on the promise that he and mom would help edit it LOL).

And I just hope I don't fall through on the comic. That has been hard because of everything that has happened. Actually art this month at all has been hard either because I've been sad or- like last night- I'm all geared up to draw and the baby is like "I have a better idea, how about you have horrific amounts of nausea and be unable to sit up let alone draw."

So that's been hard ^^
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That's so cool that you are doing that for your Dad, you're so awesome! :D

*hugs* You've certainly had a lot to handle lately, so I think it's totally okay to cut yourself some slack. Sorry to hear about the horrific amounts of nausea... :( Sometimes babies are really like HI LET ME TELL YOU HOW PREGNANT YOU ARE JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT.

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